Rethinking our busy lives

I sit down at a cafe, staring at my to-do-list and my to-go-places. As I slash off one finished task, another task gets into the list, and the cycle continues. There’s just so much in my hands right now and today, I can’t help but wonder what life  I could have been living if I chose a different path. Do you also have those days wherein you ask yourself if you are living life to the fullest? Today is one of those days.

My career and ministry allowed me to meet different people from different walks of life. We build relationships along the way. Sadly, I believe, busyness makes us more detached and superficial in the relationships we make and even for those relationships that are naturally there. And I saw that in myself.  This is not God’s design for us. He made us relational beings, compassionate and loving. More so, our God is a relational God. And I am thankful that my God never fails to remind me of this.

Recently, in my trip to my hometown, I met a few relatives from both sides of the family. I saw my nieces and nephews who have grown so fast since the last time I came to visit them. I can’t help but wonder how I missed so much of their life while I was busy pursuing my “dreams”.  How I actually don’t know about their birthdays and their favorite colors. Thinking about it now, I wish I was more invested with spending time with them. Tell them about Jesus. Or perhaps, simply enjoying their company.

Now. Join me. Look at your to-do-list. Or if you don’t write them down, think of your plans in the coming days. Think of the relationships you build. Consider setting aside time for them. One by one. Consider checking on their health, their studies, their walk with the Lord or if they even know Jesus. Perhaps they would be God’s means for you to remember why we live and what matters most. Join me. And tell me how your journey went. 


Published by Katherine Gatela


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