Am I Fashionable?

Am I Fashionable?

Jun 19, 2016, 9:23:01 PM Life and Styles

Well I made a huge mistake. I enlisted the help of my friends for writing purposes..I asked them for topics or 'word of the week'. My ridiculous friend, Hayley (who has impeccable dress sense), suggested Fashion. Now if you have ever met me you'll know I don't know the first thing about fashion. At least not from an actual fashion field sense. What is fashion anyway? And should we even care?




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"Turn to the left, turn to the right, oooooo fashion"

I wear what I wear because I feel comfortable in it. I don't care what it looks like...Okay to an extent I care what it looks like, I like to look smart. That doesn't make me fashionable though.

So what does make someone fashionable? Lady Gaga wore  a dress made out of meat, was that fashionable? I'm guessing not because nobody followed that trend.

That is how something becomes fashionable or trendy though, a designer or team of designers, make an item of clothing and it becomes the latest must-have fashion item. Everyone has to have one, it costs a fortune and in a few weeks it's all forgotten and you wouldn't be seen dead in it.



Why does everyone want to look the same though? We're not in prison!

I'm not entirely sure that these days we really have a fashion staple. If you look back over the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's even the 90's :/ they had stand out fashions and they were all pretty freaking awesome in my opinion (90's is questionable). We seem to just keep recycling what has gone before, we've created an amalgamation of clothing in the fashion world. That's cool with me because that's basically my wardrobe anyway.

Oh wait a minute, does that mean that I am actually fashionable...?

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Don't ever let anyone make you think you're not good enough. 

Follow your dreams right now! Don't wait until tomorrow, 

next week, next year. Stop planning, start doing :)

'Blind faith is no way to run a world' - Victor Stenger

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