What is Moody?

Hands up who's a smart arse and thought,

'She should've put 'cow' after that hahahahaha'

Well, I did originally. But the domain cost 7 quid a year, so fuck no.

Anyway, hi. Let's get to it.

Some of you might be wondering why moody is..well, 'moody.'

This whole reason behind this blog, is to document my little life. That's true. However, the actual reason why moody came to be, is because I was inspired (OOH! AAH!) by the past few months.

Since December 2015, I've been living with (diagnosed) Depression and Anxiety Disorder. The reality is that I've been dealing with it since Summer 2014. I've been from 0-100 (and back down again) during the past 6 months. The full shebang. I've been terrifying close to being a goner, I've had relationships die and friendships almost disappear because of it. So, no, it's not very nice or fun.

Thankfully, I'm now receiving medical treatment and attending Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for elements of OCD, alongside the blues and the remaining symptoms of a teenage eating phobia.

Why is that relevant? Because moody, I hope, will shed a bit of light on what it's like to live with a mental illness. Albeit, I'm a lucky ducky who has an amazing support network, but some people don't. And, hopefully, this little blog of mine will give an insight into what goes on, why it happens and how to deal with it a little better - for sufferers and their family/friends.

I know what you're thinking. Why the fuck would I write about fashion, food, music etc if the main aim is to raise awareness, right?

Well, the goal is to strike a balance. Some posts will be about those things, and some will be about the good/bad days that I've experienced - and probably will continue to experience for a little while.

Not to mention, on my low days, it helps to read insights from people who are also struggling a little bit. I follow a few people who consistently make me realise that I'm not batshit crazy or 'alone' (cringe, but that's legit how it makes you feel.) They talk about what its like to totally lose interest in things you once loved, and why there's really nothing more you can do other than to ride it out. So, here I am, jumping on the blogging bandwagon to tell folk to plod on.

So whether your serotonin levels are beautifully normal, or you're sometimes a bit shit to be around (don't lie, you can be) then hopefully you understand it a bit more now.

Plod on.

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