Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Oct 5, 2016, 3:00:25 PM Life and Styles

Now that fall is in full swing here in Massachusetts (and the rest of the world - happy late fall equinox!), I've seen countless fall/autumn tags roaming around the internet. Most of them ask the same questions, but I've picked a few of my favorites to answer. Here we go..

  • Favorite fall lip productThe thickest, richest lip balm I can find. It varies. Autumn is when it starts to get real dry here, and my lips are the first things to go, so I literally have to apply lip balm every 30 seconds. I've also been loving the Clarins lipstick in the color Woodrose recently. I apply it to my lips, leave it there for 5-10 minutes and then pat it with a tissue to take down the intensity of the color. For someone who really doesn't do lip products, I'm kinda proud.. 
  • Favorite fall nail polish? Oooh, the Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Mustard. It's this like super rich yellow that screams fall! 
  • Favorite fall scarf? It's this super long forest-green scarf from Accessorize that I got about a year ago. It looks good with pretty much everything! 
  • Favorite fall clothing item? Oh my goodness, I could list countless clothing items here, but the one that springs to mind are these knitted blue leggings from Forever 21 that I got last year. I wear them around the house so much in the fall. My capsule wardrobe doesn't really change that much, just a few extra sweaters..
  • Favorite fall shoes? My trusty black ankle boots from Sainsbury's last year. I think they cost me about £25, but I wear them basically every day from October 1st through December 31st (basically until it starts to snow..). 
  • Favorite fall candle? As it stands right now, the one that I picked up pretty recently from Bath & Body Works called Autumn. In fact, it's burning as I type this. It's fresh, but cozy if that makes any sense at all. I have my eye/nose on a few more and a Yankee Candle coupon, so watch this space! 
  • Favorite fall drink? Um, I really love a good hot chocolate to be honest. Soothing for the soul and all that. 
  • Halloween or Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving, for sure. I only had my first one last year, but holy heck, I cannot stand Halloween. 
  • What Halloween costume do you have planned? As much as I dislike Halloween, I am going to a friend's party, and I'm going as a mermaid. No regrets. I told my housemate this morning and his response was just 'of course you are'.. 
  • Favorite thing about fall? I live in a valley surrounded by mountains and green. So getting to watch those greens turn to yellows, oranges and reds is pretty exciting. Also, on a more fickle note, I love not being judged for constantly wearing black, like I am in the summer. But let's have the finishing note be changing leaves. Oh and apple & pumpkin picking. Yeah. And the Big E. (I'm done now, promise!)

I originally posted this on my personal blog, so be sure to check it out if you liked this post for more! Let me know if you came from here.

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