My first ever July 4th.

My first ever July 4th.

Jul 19, 2016, 6:56:13 PM Life and Styles

July 4th is one of those public holidays that, if you live outside of America, seems odd. A birthday party for a country, if you will. However, it's completely undeniable that it was something that I'd been looking forward to (possibly a little too much for an almost-22 year old) since I moved here last August. 

I spent my first July 4th in Amherst MA with my current room-mate Ellen and my best friend from home Bekki who was visiting for a few weeks. We opted to head to the local UMass Amherst celebrations, where we were greeted with American-colored garlands. Just saying, mine is now proudly hanging on the door of my shoe cupboard. Good times.

Other good things included watching a kid get a blueberry stuck up his nose when he shoved his face into it in the pie-eating contest. In fact, the pie-eating contest in general was pretty epic - there were some very methodical techniques in there, for sure! I had the most fantastic and glittery American flag/fireworks painted on my face for $5 ($5 well spent, if you ask me - I honestly almost sobbed when I had to wash it off before I went to bed that evening..). The fireworks themselves were just something else. They went on for about 30 minutes, but they were just mesmerizing. I've not seen fireworks properly since I was about 20 at Bonfire night in Southampton, so I was a pretty happy bunny.

So, I'd say my first July 4th was a pretty big success. Check out other photos (my photo feature doesn't seem to particularly like me on here 😔) on my main blog (, or on my Instagram (@kathryn_firth). Happy belated birthday, America! 

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