Things Saturdays are good for.

Things Saturdays are good for.

Aug 6, 2016, 2:43:23 PM Life and Styles

As I sat down to type this article, I honestly didn't know what I was going to write. I was feeling pretty uninspired, to be honest. It's gray outside, it's rainy, and it's just not particularly nice August weather. But it is a Saturday, and Saturday holds a soft spot in my heart. Here's what I love do on Saturdays..

1) Farmer's Market exploring: This is usually the first thing I like to do on a Saturday morning. I'm a fairly early riser, so I'm generally out of the door by about 9am (although today I was definitely put off by the rain). I love heading up to the little farmer's market that Amherst has to offer. It's a great place for me to pick up fresh & local produce, but also flowers and sometimes a little sweet treat - last week I might have accidentally picked up a gluten-free chocolate brownie. I'm getting into the habit of posting photos of the flowers I buy on my Instagram (@kathryn_firth), so be sure to follow along! 

2) Blog post writing: Saturday is the perfect day to get most of my blog posts for the week written. I post once a week on here (at the moment), and three times a week on my personal blog ( - be sure to check it out & let me know if you've come from here! I try to get the bare bones of my posts down on a Saturday and go back to edit and add photos during the week. 

3) Reading: I try to get any 'work' out of the way by midday on a Saturday, to allow maximum time to relax & one of my favorite ways to chill out is by reading a good book. At the moment I'm reading a book about rain, but other recent reads can be found on my personal blog & on my Instagram. I've got a big old pile of books by my bed that I'd like to crack through over the next few weeks & Saturdays are the perfect time to get a head-start! 

4) Netflix & (literal) chill: For me, Saturdays are the perfect day to basically do nothing. I work hard during the week at school (even during the holidays, I'm working on my thesis), so I like to take some to chill out and do not a lot. I either like to lounge on my couch or in my bed (season dependent - summer is couch, winter is bed) with an endless supply of tea & my current Netflix fav playing. At the moment, I'm loving Pretty Little Liars. I'm only on season 4, so no spoilers please! Past Netflix picks include Gossip Girl and Friends. Let me know what you're top picks are! 

Be sure to let me know what you like to do on a Saturday!

Kathryn x

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