What I learnt from 21.

What I learnt from 21.

Sep 3, 2016, 12:09:00 PM Life and Styles

Two weeks ago, I hit the big 2-2. You know, the one where you actually have to grow up and do something with your life? Yeah, that. Instead of being sad about it, I decided to compile a list of the things that 21 has taught me. There have been some pretty big life lessons in the past year, all of which have shaped me and moulded me into a 22 year old.. 

  1. I can (just about) stand on my own two feet. Ok, so I moved to America 7 days after I turned 21. My third time on a plane, my first long flight, my first time in America, my first time without my parents in the same country (or working in the same city in the case of my dad). It was scary. But I'm so pleased that I did it. It's opened my eyes both culturally, but also academically - I've been exposed to totally different things than I was in England, or during my undergraduate degree. For that, I'm eternally grateful. 
  2. I've still not got the most fantastic financial control. It's getting there though. I've been so used to being paid during the school year from my TA position, or most summers previous I've worked. This summer was a bit of a shock & the kick up the backside that I needed. My financial control isn't awful by any means, but it could be better - it's slowly but surely getting there. I've learnt to say no when money's a little tight & that it's not the absolute end of the world. 
  3. I'm still not entirely sure where my life is going. Let's be real here, how many 21-22 year olds actually do know? But it seems that all my friends at home are in good jobs, or are about to buy houses with their other halves and I'm still sat here in education. I've had countless breakdowns at my mum and closest friends about this & it always comes out the same way: we're doing completely different things with our lives. I've no idea when I'm going to buy a house, but I do know how to get to where I want to be professionally & that's taking the front seat right now. Houses can wait for a bit, I think. 
  4. I have political views. This isn't really a shock to me, but the past year has been a big one politically for the UK (well, and the USA, but I can't vote here, so..). I've found my voice, I've discussed politics with Brits and with Americans with fluency which is something that I've never really managed to do before & I'm pretty proud of myself to be honest. 
  5. really like traveling. This is something I've literally just realized as I put photos into this post, but I'm so lucky to have traveled as much as I have over the past year. I've covered a fair bit of the East and West Coasts of America, plus some more of Europe too. I'm hoping to squeeze a little more traveling in 22..!

So, all in all, 21 wasn't so bad. Let's hope for some goodness in 22, too. If you liked this post, be sure to check out more on my main blog www.kathrynfirth.wordpress.com - I've just had a little re-jig & organize, so let me know what you think. 

Kathryn x

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