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Here’s the funny bit before I begin: FYI I’m no Fashion Mogul but I think coming up with a wardrobe essentials checklist shouldn’t be too hard …. Should it?

So here goes;



  1. Basic tee

A basic white tee is the first step to building up your wardrobe. Now don’t just stick to buying a white tee, choose basic tees of different shades such as Grey, Light blue & Black. Once the right kind of tee is chosen you can pair it up with about anything you find, Skater skirt, cool leather jeggings or just denim jeans would do great!


2. Black and Blue jeans –

A must have in everyone’s wardrobe of course would be a lovely pair of black and blue jeans of good quality. Get a proper fitting, Don’t go for too tight or too loose, when you have the right kind of fitting you feel absolutely confident and ready to take on the world.


3. Converse – or any other variation with the same iconic black and white colored sneakers, I myself own a pair of BOB’s ( a label under SKETCHER’S ), Its very smart to own a pair sneakers because not only can you wear them with jeans, be experimental and try wearing them with casual dresses or skirts and rock that look!!

4. Denim and Leather jacket – You can literally pair anything with either of these types of jackets, During the summer rock the whole denim look and during the winter be all matrix and cool with the Leather jacket: P

5. Red sandals – The reason why Red Sandals of all colors are a must have according to me is because it’s a really bright color and can bring that “POP” effect to your look, Pair it with the same shade of red lipstick and boy will you get envy stares from everyone around you for that!

6. Statement scarfs – Scarfs are a really fun way of expressing your feelings in a piece of cloth. Grab a funky scarf for one of those confident days or a plain sober color for the days you want to look formal and grown up: D

7. Accessories – Personally I’m not the kind of person who would feel comfortable wearing any kind of accessories, if you’re like me I suggest just try wearing a plain statement watch, with a medium sized strap and dial so that you wouldn’t even notice its on your hand after awhile. It can really make your whole outfit and make you seem more collected and confident about yourself.

8. Black satchel –  a black satchel will help put together the entire outfit of yours and make improve the entire look by a milestone.

9. Fringe ankle boots – Since fringe has always been this fascinating thing for me, it does become necessary to add in “something fringy” in my list :P

10. Lastly on my essentials wardrobe list would be an intangible item actually; CONFIDENCE.

Wear what you have to wear with confidence, Discover yourself and express it through your clothing.



All I can say as a parting message would be, Don’t dress to impress others but to make yourself feel more confident and ready to take on the world. Find and explore your own unique sense of style and don’t bother about what the others have to say about it. I think its pretty brave and admirable when I see people who confidently express themselves and turn out to be the best selves.



Hope you enjoyed and found this list sort of useful: P

All my love,


Published by Kathy Tavares

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