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I’m Katia Abu Toboul, a freelance group exercise instructor; I'm not very disciplined to have a full time job, while pretty rebellious to be bossed! A previous pianist and a hiker, a Couchsurfer and a traveler, a blogger, a multi-Lingual; I speak Arabic, English, Russian and some German, a piano teacher, a daughter, a sister, a friend and an aunt already, siblings can make you feel suddenly older sometimes lol!


People think fitness freaks are very active all the way, while funny enough we are the best at being horribly lazy every chance we get!


I started blogging a few years ago, as I've been always in love with writing and reading, and found blogging morally rewarding! I'm really looking forward to gaining and learning more writing-wise! You can check me out at MINDBLOWME


I'm never gonn' bore you here as I'm very varied AND random AND probably a mess!

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