Beauty lovers need these phone cases

Beauty lovers need these phone cases

Jun 21, 2017, 9:41:18 PM Life and Styles

Considering we all carry our phone cases around, it's only natural that we adapt these for our beauty needs. These phone cases are absolutely changing the game for all our selfies and makeup needs. No longer will you struggle to get the perfecting selfie lighting or worry about forgetting your makeup essentials. 

The Pout Case

This case allows you to create your own makeup set -choosing between a lipstick, foundation or lip balm. This is perfect for when you're desperate for a top up.  Photo: @poutcase / Instagram 

LuMee Case

I won't insult you and act like you've never heard of this. Basically, this ingenious light-up case allows you to take the perfect selfie. The selfie queen herself, Kim Kardashian, uses it, giving us near mortals a glimmer of hope that our selfies will be just as good. Photo: @lumeecase / Instagram 

Check out their Instagram accounts for more information. 

Published by Katie Anderton

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