It's only scary if we allow ourselves to be scared

It's only scary if we allow ourselves to be scared

Jan 15, 2017, 10:26:16 PM Opinion

2016 was just terrible, the number sequel 'two thousand and sixteen' brings shivers down my back; a distribution of numbers that carries its own little meaning, unfortunately, they don't bring exactly positive thoughts.

I don't need to explain everything that happened in 2016, we were all there watching on in disbelief as icons died, enemies became in power and weird decisions made by those in charge left millions devastated. 

2016 also saw the British people vote to leave the EU, the American people elect an openly racist and sexist man and the French establishment impose a burkini ban and Aleppo; a once gorgeous, prosperous city transform into a one of depredation and suffering, I wish I could say that these decisions were made for democratic, logical and safety reasons but instead, they were made through hatred, fear and discrimination, led by opportunists who noticed that, with the media's help, they could manipulate the public to gain support and spread their own ignorant views. This is not intended to be an article on how the establishment diverts our focus onto immigration to cover up their own wrongs or one that explains all the horrible things that have happened, I can only assume you are more than familiar with those concepts. The point is, things have happened, there's no changing it (no matter how many petitions or hopes we have), it is what it is, but there's also no point in being scared and giving up. 

Edmund Burke said: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." and that is relevant, we as the people can make history and make it better, we can stand up to those who spit out disgusting things, don't walk past something wrong, stick up for minorities and go against those who are trying to intimidate us. 2017 can be the year that we turn the clocks right back to the twenty-first century and celebrate the diversity that our wonderful world can be possible of. Terrifying times are ahead of us, but being scared is exactly what brought us here in the first place. 

Being scared is normal, but don't let them known that you are. 

Published by Katie Anderton

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