Making an effort can be well...EFFORT!

  I understand that, I really do. The best of days can be when you make no effort whatsoever.  Slobbing out in front of Netflix, remote in one hand, and a fistful of Malteasers in the other, is the epitome of making 0 effort but being at one with yourself. 

  Yet come day 365 of, 'Binge Eat and Chill', when you have no social life, no friends (Monica and Chandler don't count)  and a hefty fat pack, it becomes apparent that it is time to make an effort in life.

Making an effort - by socialising, by eating better, or even by taking up a new hobby/ activity, will be a thousand times more worthwhile and fulfilling than that 4 pack of Mars Bars and a binge watching sesh of ‘Prison Break’.

  By saying YES to more things, like those work drinks you have been avoiding, or even that salsa class you’ve seen advertised, you will find that you will actually become far happier. By putting in more effort, you will get far more out of life as a result, and more POSITIVITY. This is essential to boosting your overall mood and even your confidence.

  So say YES to meeting up with both old and new friends, as by YOU making an effort, it will be reciprocated. It will be reciprocated in that people will make more of an effort with you, which will make you feel wanted and appreciated, and most importantly - happier. Whether its laughing and sharing funny stories over a couple of drinks with your friends, or pouring out your worries and woes to your mum, making the effort to socialise more will leave you feeling clear headed and relaxed.  

Even making the effort to go to the gym can be a HUGE mood booster. Whilst it may not appear that way when you're on your 47th squat and your legs are about to give way... your endorphins will be raging, and the results you will come to see will be pure evidence of how hard work and effort is worthwhile. 

I’m not saying that you can never have a 'binge eat and chill' night ever again, and that you must fill your diary with lunch dates and salsa classes for the rest of your whole entire LIFE.

I’m just saying that as cliche as it sounds, life is incredibly short, and you will get far more out of it if you just put in a little more effort.

Not only will you appreciate it, but people surrounding you will too.



Published by Katie Hampton

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