Why Family Partnerships Are So Important?

Families have a profound impact on children’s lives as they often have the strongest influence on kids. Many of what we learn from our families stay with us for the rest of our lives. That means the quality of a child’s relationships with each member of the family matters. Teachers, too, are part of that circle, as parents and early school education teachers have the most meaningful influence on the child’s growth and character development. 


That’s why it’s essential to schedule sessions or meetings with your children’s teachers. You need to talk to them. Those online meetings are more than catch-up sessions on how your kids are doing in their respective classes. They help you build a partnership with the teachers. Here are some of the reasons why that’s essential to the well-being of your kids. 


Develop Teaching Strategies 

Teachers who know more about their students are much better at developing teaching methods and using styles that engage them. Given the move to online classes, more and more students are finding it hard to focus on their lessons. Teachers who understand this know that by using learning styles that resonate with their students, they have a much better chance at gaining their attention and sustaining their engagement. Talking to parents like you will help teachers prepare better teaching materials, especially those that are tailored to the specific needs and situations of the students in their classes. 


Gain Tailored Assistance 

Talking to the teachers at your children’s international school gives you the perfect opportunity to shed a bit of light on whatever study problems or issues that your kids have. For instance, is your firstborn having a little bit of trouble with math or science? Then talking to the teacher about those difficulties means that s/he can think of ways to assist your child. That could mean one-on-one sessions or having your kid attend remedial classes. Just by talking about it, you already made the situation better for your child. 


Learn About Activities 

An online meeting with the teacher also gives you the chance to ask about your child’s upcoming activities in school. What can you expect? Will there be more projects? What about a final exam? Some schools post a calendar of these events but talking about them with the teacher is particularly convenient if you have any issues or questions you want to raise. Talking about the activities scheduled will also help you prepare for them in advance. There’s nothing as bone-rattling as having your kids tell you—at exactly 8 or even 9 pm—they have a special project due tomorrow. 


Talk About Problems

If your children are having problems at school, you’ll want to know as much as you can about those problems. Make sure the teachers understand that they can talk to you about anything concerning your kids. If problems happen or if anything else comes up, they need to know that they can count on you to be there for your kids. By talking to them about your child, you might be surprised to learn how much your kid struggles to make friends with his or her classmates, for instance. This might come as a surprise. Teachers can tell you more about that, so you’ll have a better idea of what’s happening during online classes. You’ll need that information when you talk to your child.


Provide Support 

One of the reasons why your choice matters are the fact that schools often reinforce belief systems, traditions, practices, and more that you and your family value. You want your child to learn all about the importance of kindness and service work, of being compassionate. It is important for them to know that while academic rigor matters, there are still much more important tasks in life: to appreciate each other, to show your gratitude, to care about what happens to others—then you’ll need to pick the right school. The best schools don’t just teach students to invest in their academic growth through their participation in leadership sessions or STEM workshops, and other learning programs. They teach students to invest in meaning in their relationships, too. Their students grow up with the mindset that academics must always be balanced by character development. With the right teachers, this kind of learning is possible. 


Cultivate Engagement 

Students with problems at home might not be as attentive or engaged in class. By taking the time to consult with your kids’ teachers, you can let them know if there’s been a death in the family, or if something has happened to impact the kids. Letting the teachers find out about that means they can now come up with solutions to help your kids. That’s just one of the many ways a partnership between parents and teachers work and why they matter. After all, both sides have one goal: to help your kids grow and develop to their fullest potential. 

Published by Kim Johannes


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