A step is better than none at all...

A step is better than none at all...

Hello again! Yes, long time no post ... I was busy living my life - and have turned it upside down yet again (:-)) Sometimes, I even surprise myself how much I love changes and how addicted I am to variety and "the flow"... This post is promised (and dedicated) to someone - who is very important to me and has been part of (a big chunk of) my life. A friend of mine who shares a birthday with me, who is as stubborn as I am... We are the ones to whom the whole queue at Platform 9 & 3/4 sung "Happy Birthday" on the 19th of April 2016 (link to Instagram video HERE)... also the ones who didn't speak (regularly) for some years and could still start where we finished... the ones who can do everything they set their minds to!

She's become a life-coach and I have become her client. She never stops inspiring and pushing me, she knows me so well - sometimes, I think she knows me better than I do my own self. Every moment of my life, I feel unbelievably grateful for all my (true) friends for helping me and sticking to me through "thick and thin". I am on a (long) journey, guided by these awesome people who never leave me! 

So, we are passed halfway through 2017, another (awesome) year. I have already learnt a lot, about myself and life - but there is still a lot to do / see. I have realised that speed is unimportant, it's only your direction that matters! Forward is forward - no matter how slow. Even if you wander off your path or take the wrong direction, things that need to happen, will happen! No need to urge things, be patient and live your life - as you wish! That's what matters!  

No need to panic, just "keep calm and carry on" ;-) 

I want to write about so many things and I don't know where I should start. I crave to build up a habit of blogging, but for some reason it hasn't happened yet. I guess, it's easier for me to communicate via pictures, but my head is full of words. I feel I live my life to its (close to) highest potential - finally! I do what I enjoy and I can be as selfish as I please... I am truly blessed to be surrounded by an unbelievably awesome bunch of people, family and friends "all over the place" who would never give up on me! The even more amazing thing is, that I keep meeting more and more people like them... I keep growing (spiritually) and healing - week by week, day by day, minute by minute... Slowly but steadily... and this is what I am (also) so grateful for today! 

Now, nearly a year on from signing up to My Trending Stories", I am still to start blogging regularly. I have gained so much experience in so many different fields since then, I have met so many people, I have learnt so much .... and still have not communicated what's inside me... I don't know how soon I will... one thing is sure: I CAN....and I WILL! Just watch ;-) 

P.S.: If you can't wait to hear about me... "see about me" (I'm a lot more active on Instagram - "Read my hashtags" @ itak_gyan)

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