Living with Food Allergies is not by choice... sticking to your diet is!

Even though special dietary needs are getting more common and many people exclude a type of food from their menus by choice, there are still many who just don't understand, further more, disrespect this! Whether you are not allowed or you cannot eat something an other human being has no right to force you something that you do not want to - or cannot - do! Sad but true, many "FA" (= food allergy) sufferers have to face this on a daily basis - and not to mention "self chosen diet changers" (i.e. vegan, vegetarians, free from eaters etc.)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Sometimes, people just don't realise that they provoke and argument about something that is slightly out of your control when they insist on you should try eating something you cannot eat - whether it's due to allergy or belief. Why is it slightly out of your control? Because you can obey and break "your rules" to please someone else!

"A little poison is no poison at all" - do you agree... or disagree?

And how about this: "your body is your temple"...

It takes some self-care, self-love and respect - and maybe a "wee bit" of confidence - to be able to stand up for yourself and ignore all those comments, upset and occasional tantrums when you turn someone down just because of your health - or even beliefs... Sometimes, it really amazes me who much some people can bother in convincing me that they are right and I am wrong about my own dietary needs... "It's probably just because of your thoughts about it" ... "Just a little, you won't notice".... And if it turns out it is not just in my head and I do notice then what? Sorry? Do they care about my suffers ... and yet alone about ME? NO! So why should I do what they want me to?

It took me some years - and upset stomachs plus rashes - to come to this conclusion: I know what is good for me and I don't give a flying f#ck about what you think .... If you get upset about me not eating what you tell me to, that is your problem not mine... Sorry (but not sorry) NO, THANK YOU!

Published by Kati(e) Mesfy

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