What are you waiting for...and where?

What are you waiting for...and where?

How often do you put yourself into a "waiting for a boat at the airport" situation? Why is it so easy to settle for a compromise rather than sticking to your guns and go after what you really want? A bit unsure if this is a "women only" thing. I doubt - it seems like part of human nature... or society rather. I'm no expert of life but definitely a great believer of changes. On the other hand, sometimes it's so hard to decide whether it's my ego being impatient or my heart is urging a change...

I'm trying to let my heart take control over me - sounds silly I know as it's normally the other way round. If you believe in horoscopes - even just a tiny-viny bit - if I tell you I'm an Aries, you'll go "AAAAhhh that explains everything". It does, though! I am a "fully brain power" girl and it makes my life such a hard work...a continuous battle... The only good thing about battling with your own self that it's only you who can win - let's blame this on my star sign, too, shall we? Those who know me say I have a big heart but they also agree on me being very stubborn, too. So why am I afraid of giving my heart control?

Your heart trusts, no matter what. It can only see the best even in the crap. It makes dirt shine like a diamond and smell like a bunch of roses. But your brain is clever enough and spots every little mistake through the pinky fairy dust. And remembers. Assumptions trigger alarm bells and flag things up well before it was to happen. Is it good for you? Do you not feel you are losing out on life by staying in your comfort zone?

I do think so. You need to be brave to live your life and you have to dare to cross the boundaries. You do need to remember your past mistakes but you must never let them define you. Every day is a new beginning, you have to make the most out of it. If you are at the airport, get on a plane. If you are longing for a boat go to the docks. Never wait for something somewhere to come - whatever it might be and wherever you may be...go and get it. That's all you need to do!

Published by Kati(e) Mesfy

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