remembering light

remembering light

I remember why


I remember why I bathe in the trickling raindrops of starlights
And why I wade in pools of moonlights
And why I take showers underneath  sunlights
In every waking moment of my life


For years and years I have collected light
On bottles
On boxes
On pockets too full
They spill every time I take another step
And another


I’ve collected light
From across universes
Tiptoeing over planets and all their satellites
Flying from one galactic star to another
Falling endlessly towards unnamed galaxies, unrealized existences


I have collected light
Enough to become one of them
Or two
Or thrice as many


I remember why I am the light of others
I remember
Yes, I remember


But what I cannot remember
And what I ask for you to answer

I cannot remember
Why I am constantly on the edge of this dark side, my own shadowed kingdom
Why the light I touch never shines on any part of my life, from the moment I first drew my breath to the moment that is here, that is now
And why
Of all the things I do not have the power to do
I can never be my own light

Make me remember
Make me remember light

Published by Katrina Torrefranca

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