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Katrina Wisniewski currently reside in West Covina, CA. She is a journalist, writer, poet, photographer, and musician. She also the creator and author of katrinawisniewski.info/ as well as katrinawisniewski.wordpress.com . In December 2015, Katrina graduated with a Masters of Art in New Media Journalist from Full Sail University. Prior to receiving her Masters, Katrina graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Communications/Journalism from University of Phoenix. As a journalist, Katrina likes to consider herself unconventional. She enjoys writing about topics that no one else has thought to write about; being extremely creative and thorough with her research. There are many stories that need to be recognized and exposed, and she wants to share those stories with you throughout her journey as both an independent journalist and a music journalist. Please do not hesitate to stop by Katrina's FacebookTumblrInstagramLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube pages and say hello. She also invites you to view her Media Kit.

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