Love To Hate Ourselves

Love To Hate Ourselves

We just love to hate ourselves sometimes. It is easy to do, we forget to love ourselves and yet so quick to critique our actions and looks. To a certain extent we do it because if we don't would we become lazy about our standards, by hating ourselves doesn't it push us to be better? Or push us to be so destructive that it can destroy a realistic view of ourselves. Delve past the stretches of reality and in turn end up with a deluded idea of how we act or look.

Hating ourselves has a lot of positive and negatives. Hate is a strong word. We may not love to hate ourselves, but we do love to hate others, it gives our ego a boost, makes us feel stronger, better. When we stop considering it such a bad emotion, maybe we should consider it as a motivator in our lives. I think to myself god, why can't you just stop being so lazy, why are you dressed like that today? Now my mind can react in two ways; I can cry and curl into a ball and hide from reality. On the other hand I stop, evaluate and go no, I am not going to be lazy, I am going to write a list of everything I want to accomplish today, I am going to make extra effort with my outfit and spend an hour finding something I feel confident in.

Maybe, we do not love to hate ourselves but we struggle to motivate and stay resilient to our thoughts. This is not an easy task and many do not like talking about it, it is almost a weakness that no one is willing to show, but its normal. It is normal to feel negative about yourself, everyone does at some point in their lives, it is how you deal with it that counts. Never be scared to reach out and ask for help bout hating yourself. Embrace it, let it motivate you, let it become a quality in you that pushes you to strive and be the best you can be. Love to hate yourself. To hate, to love, to think, to feel, to see; all this is nothing but perceive. When we perceive we become self-aware, know our strengths and weakness and progress from it.

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Love you all.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt

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