Masters Degree: Am I Really Ready?

Masters Degree: Am I Really Ready?

I have been on a roller coaster of emotions with the build up towards my masters degree. I am so anxious that I am not ready, not clever enough, not organised enough for a masters. I mean it is a MASTERS after all. It is difficult for me to find a job after my undergraduate degree, I dislike doing work that doesn't feed into my goal career, so doing a masters now so that I am more qualified for a job I want. 

I only have one shot at this whole masters thing, one loan from the government, if i crash and land straight on my face and fail this whole thing, it will take me years to save up all the money to try again. I just hope to god that I can do it. I feel that I can, but I am so panic stricken that I am fearful that I can't. I have my books ready, I have accommodation, I have funding, I have all the necessities ready, but am I myself truly ready?

I have just received some placement and dissertation projects from the university through the post, after looking through it I am so excited to start! I cannot wait, I am trying to motivate myself to do some extra reading around the subject etc and I will. I tomorrow. Well, we all know tomorrow never comes. 

I have done reading about motivation and how to not get stressed, research suggests, grouping your list into chunks and minimising it into chunks of 5 +-2. So maximum amount is 7 minimum amount is 3. I can deal with that. So I minimised everything down into chunks and focused on the purpose of why I am doing it. Apparently if you focus on the purpose rather than the activity itself, you are more likely to succeed and feel better about actually doing it because you are aware of the purpose. 

So, what is the purpose? Well, to succeed obviously, to do well, to learn and be happy and get a good job. How can I achieve this? By doing some simple reading, a chapter a day. I am pretty sure I can handle that. 

Anxiety can take over and be a bit of a bitch to handle, it can consume you to the point of paralysis. I can beat it and I will beat it. I will succeed at my masters and I will be happy and organised when doing it. I mean it cannot be impossible. So wish me luck, I am sure I will be posting about my stressful days with you!

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