She's Crazy, She's Psychopathic!

She's Crazy, She's Psychopathic!

Women can be labelled in many ways, especially when it comes to relationships being called crazy, psychopathic, a bitch... but why?

When people talk about their ex partners they brand them as 'crazy' or 'psycho', were they like that when you decided to be with them? You choose to be with a 'psychopath' well that is a little weird isn't it? Surely, something happened during the relationship or previous for the behaviour to be labelled as psychopathic. These words are loaded with hateful, spiteful stereotypes and can be harmful and damaging. How does one think they have a right to label an individual in that way? Is there no second thought for how that person will react to this outlandish name calling?

I have been called a crazy bitch, a psycho and I am sure many other girls and even males have too. One example I saw on social media was this girl who set out ten rules for her boyfriend whilst he was out in Magaluf with the 'lads'. Now, this media site who published this article titled it 'This chicks rules for her boyfriends trip to magaluf are completely psychopathic'. I was intrigued, what could she possibly have requested to honour the label of a psychopath, surely it is going to be some sort of cold-hearted sick requests. No.

She asked him to phone her once a day just for 2 minutes to see if he was safe, to not get a tattoo, do not mix drinks and to not do drugs. She also asked him to stay in his own bed, don't buy random girls drinks, and if he does talk to girls to tell them about her, to not follow girls on social media that he has met out there and to not cheat.

WOAH THIS GIRL IS PSYCHO. She cares about her other half's wellbeing and safety, she's asking him to not do drugs to make sure he's safe, and to value their relationship. WAIT. Does this mean I'm a psychopath because I ring my boyfriend everyday to check he's okay to have a chat, to talk about his day, when he goes away I tell him to stay safe and not to do drugs. I am not allowed to do this? To me this is just warranting society to brand those who care and request things from their other half as psycho, crazy. The article then finished with 'What happened to good old fashioned trust?'. One, you have no idea what that relationship is like, he could make her feel insecure, hence the requests made by her. Secondly, you have no idea what she is going through, she may be insecure, have mental health issues, may have been treated horribly in her last relationship. But, it's okay, you carry on and be so quick to judge and allow the negative words to be acceptably thrown around.

I can see why some may see it as 'control' and her not allowing her other half to go out and have a good time. Does this warrant the label of a psychopath though? No.

Then we wonder why we as a society struggle to break the stigma surrounding mental health and why many struggle to express their mental health issues, as before we know the background of that relationship we have already chosen a side and called them a psycho.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt

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