Suicide Girl: Beauty or Backlash?

Suicide Girl: Beauty or Backlash?

Suicide girl is someone who breaks the norms of society, usually tattoos, piercings, the whole alternative look. Considered committing social suicide, hence the name suicide girls. These girls usually upload photos of themselves naked or half nude. It is a take on alternative beauty, trying to redefine what we see as socially acceptable. These girls do get wrongly stigmatized as prostitutes or sluts.

But is this not jealousy?

These girls that post semi-nude to naked photos seem powerful, confident and full of self esteem. To post a photo that can cause controversy, to test how society will accept or reject you. To fully expose yourself to such an audience that is on social media. 

That's courage.  You have to be strong minded to take the comments that follow, both positive and negative. Or is it not strong minded? Is it just being care free enough to not let it phase you, to not let it get under your skin. To simply ignore it, to carry on doing what makes you happy. 

I would love to have the courage to feel that confident and carefree. I think what suicide girls stand for is a true role model for women, maybe not the nudity so much. But to love the body your in, to be different, to stand out. To embrace it. For many women it is difficult to love the skin you live in, to fully appreciate your own beauty. 

I have been a victim of horrible comments about my appearance and I am ashamed to admit I have thrown some nasty comments out to individuals about their appearance. But this was when I was younger, a teen. Now, I would never ever think of doing such a thing. I realise now how damaging it can be to someone, just a few words can stick with someone for a very very long time. We as women should be sticking together to bring each other up, not tear each other down. 

So for those trying something different, something controversial, maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge. But look at it at a deeper level, look at what it really stands for. These girls are having fun with their photos, it is their medium of expression, showing society who they really are without fear of what slanders may come their way. 

Others may argue that these suicide girls are creating a bad image for women, supporting the notion that females are sexual objects. That the only way to truly express ourselves is to show off our bodies, that the only way to be noticed is to be naked, otherwise there's nothing else to look at. Why can't we just show our alternative personality or confidence in other ways? Is it that easy in this day and age? But surely by being treated as sexual objects, by not being able to express ourselves through any medium we choose, even if that is nudity, isn't that a restriction, oppression?

 We should be able to feel we have the power and ability to do what we like, to express ourselves, to show ourselves in any way we want. But yet we still feel that we cannot. It's not our fault, it is societies fault for being so quick to judge and put those down who are trying to break the boundaries and expectations of women. We should be continuing to strive towards a more open, free, expressive society whereby those who choose to dress differently, present themselves differently should not be classed as committing social suicide but expanding our ideas of female power and confidence. 


Published by Katy-Jane Pitt

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Jun 20, 2016, 8:10:36 PM

I'm friends with women who do this, all for very different reasons: They all do it to create a message and some of them hope that the message is heard. To feel empowered, to demonstrate their will, their freedom, some simply sell their body images for an income and are comfortable with that. Some do it for a reaction, any reaction, others want to be acknowledged for one reason or another. Some simply want to show off a tattoo, for themselves or the artist. None are sluts, not all inspire.

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