Things Every Twenty-Something Should Know...

Things Every Twenty-Something Should Know...

The most important thing to note is that you are not the only one who thought living the life of a twenty-something would be different to the actual reality that has crept up and slapped you in the face. The teenage years where you thought you would have your life together, money in the bank, a strapping partner... Yet you are hungover from a mid week sesh, broke, hungry and forgetting the last time you spoke to your mum. 

Sucks right?

Nope, these are the days we are making memories and making our mark on the world. Everyone hypes up how successful their lives are on social media, shut up Karen no one cares that your engaged and pregnant and your partner just got a huge promotion, I just want to see how many different ways I can cook potatoes. 

So what if I haven't got it all planned out? I don't want to restrict myself to a set plan when I am not even half way through my life. 

No one will admit it but no one really knows what the hell they are doing, isn't it half the fun though? Just winging it when you should probably not be winging it... There was so much pressure on our generation to come out of education, get a job, your own place by the time your 25. I can tell my career counselor from school that I have failed that quest. Don't get me wrong, I have a degree and I do want my own place but I am doing it in my own time, meaning I am too busy spending my student loan on food and alcohol (don't judge me).

I think your twenty-somethings are all about living in the moment and keeping your fingers crossed that you are doing some of it right. So take a deep breathe, you're not alone in feeling that you are not adulting right and still need an adult to teach you how to adult.... but trust me, you got this.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt

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