5 Factors To Guide You When Buying The Best Air Compressor

5 Factors To Guide You When Buying The Best Air Compressor

Oct 4, 2017, 6:45:00 AM Business

Compressed air is useful to your home, office, shop, or garage. It is necessary for businesses and industrial firms to have an air compressor. While they are essential, shopping for one can be a nightmare. You will realize that there are a number of specifications to look at when you shop in the market. Don’t worry about these specifications. We are here to help you know what to look for in the best air compressor. Below are the five factors to guide you when buying the best air compressor. Click here...

1. Cost

The air compressor you will buy depends on your budget. There is a common misconception that "expensive is good." But that is not the case. Do not choose an air compressor because it is expensive, but rather purchase it if it is within your budget and can handle your needs. The cost of an air compressor may vary based on size. Small air compressors are cheap but not be suitable for powering some tools. It is, therefore, good to spend beyond your budget estimations and purchase something that will power most of your tools and last longer.

2. What are you going to use the air compressor for?

It is easy to buy a cost efficient and best air compressor when you know the use. If it is for industrial purposes, you will need an air compressor packed with features that allow you to take on more challenging jobs with more CFM, more horsepower, more PSI and longer run times. If you are looking to buy an air compressor for home use, smaller, moveable units are a perfect match. Even with that in mind, ensure that the compressor you buy will drive the air device you will need for your task.

3. Air compressor specifications

As we said earlier, specifications are a crucial factor when choosing the best air compressor. It is important to note that the higher the horsepower rating, the greater the air pressure created. This only means that the compressor can store up more air in the reservoir, and thus it will allow you to operate air tools for an extended period. A compressor with higher Cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating can offer more air, and it is ideal for heavier projects, for example, framing nail guns. Larger tanks are useful for storing more compressed air at higher pressures. However, consider the space the compressor will occupy. Consider putting it at a place where it will be safe and easily accessible.

4. Portability

Where you will use the air compressor is another essential factor to consider. There are two types of air compressors; stationary and portable. Let’s have a look at them.

Portable air compressors: These are movable compressors. They allow you to have compressed air anywhere you are working. If your work involves moving, a portable air compressor is your choice. You can move with it without much difficulty.

Stationary air compressors: These are compressors that cannot be moved from one site to another. They are big and larger. The advantage with stationary compressors is that they provide more power as compared to portable compressors. Your best air compressor will depend on where you will be handling the work. If the project is at a particular location and it is demanding, a stationary compressor will do.

More often, portable compressors are great for simple tasks because they are less powerful. However, if you move to a place where power is a problem, you will have a hard time carrying out your projects. Therefore, consider the source of energy as well.

5. Power supply

We cannot avoid talking about this essential aspect. Whether it is the best air compressor or any other that you don’t like, they both require power to continue working. You can buy a gas or an electric powered air compressor. For example, for construction sites, a gas powered compressor can be crucial especially at locations where electricity is a major problem. Gas powered air compressors give you the freedom of doing your projects at any place any time. Additionally, they are more powerful as compared to electrically powered compressors.

Electricity powered air compressors are excellent when it comes to indoor projects. However, if you are looking to buy the best air compressor on a budget, electric powered isn't your choice. This is because they are costly.


Do not determine the portability of your best air compressor based on weight only. Other factors determine if it is easy to carry or heavy. A good example is the shape of the compressor. It has been found that slim units are easier to move. Buying the best air compressor is not about looking at one factor and saying it's okay. It is worth mentioning here that one factor depends on another and thus you should have a clear picture about your needs. Click...

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