5 Reasons for Potty Training Regression

5 Reasons for Potty Training Regression

Mar 13, 2018, 1:52:41 PM Life and Styles

Potty training regression is a dreadful experience for a toddler. It sneaks up on children and parents quietly - they don't have any idea when, why or what caused it and suddenly everyone in the house is unhappy.

Parents aren't pleased because their child do not use the potty. But the real victim here is the toddler. Their innocent mind cannot work it out.

Parents - your child isn't plotting against you!

Factors such as stress, change in diet, change of environment, changes in sleep habits and unexpected events can cause potty training regression.

Let’s examine these factors in detail:


Do not stress out your toddler. Avoid telling them words such as "if you do not go potty, Daddy will be angry when he gets home" or "If you don't go potty I'll throw away your favorite toy”. You get the general idea - do not use fear as a tactic for potty training and do not overreact or punish. If you do, your toddler will retreat to the first toilet they knew - а diaper.

Change in Diet

A toddler who consumes а balanced diet (cereals, fruits, vegetables and meat) will find coping with things like fast food and excessive sweets hard. It disturbs their digestive system and causes regression.

Change of Environment

Shopping malls, public places and traveling pose a huge challenge to a toddler during potty training. They are suddenly in an unknown place and away from the safety and privacy of their home. So a negative result isn't unusual.

Changes in Sleep Habits

When а toddler's sleeping habits change, both the child and the parent have to move on to a new schedule for potty training. This can result in regression.

Unexpected Events

Your child might deviate from his potty training schedule when you have visitors in your home. Potty training is the last thing in their mind when they see a much-loved grandparent, aunt, uncle or a friend. Suddenly, your toddler is focused on showing off their new toy or their most recent work of art and parents are busy entertaining guests. It’s all too easy to forget about the potty training routine.

Events such as moving to a new home or going on a holiday can also adversely affect potty training.

Potty training isn't an easy task. If you think potty training is more difficult for the parent, you're mistaken! Your innocent little toddler is trying hard to learn a difficult skill and they're desperately trying to make sense of everything going around them. So be kind to your toddler and work as a team. You’ll conquer potty training regression in no time.

Published by Kaushal Shah

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