6 Facts Why You Should Be Buying A Used Surfboard

6 Facts Why You Should Be Buying A Used Surfboard

Aug 21, 2017, 4:47:53 AM Sport

It’s a surfer’s biggest vice and the equivalent of Christmas coming early. Every surfer simply loves the feeling of buying a new surfboard. But is it time to take a different approach and consider a move away from buying brand new? Well here are6 considerations that might sway you towards buying a used board instead.

1. Save your cash

You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand that buying a used surfboard will save you money. Even for a good to excellent condition board, you’ll save at least a 1/3 of the price tag compared to buying new.

2. Surf more

Now that you’re buying second hand, you’ll start to buy a few more boards. Pick up a retro fish or experiment with that quad you’ve had your eyes on for years. There’s simply no doubting with more boards to get excited about, you’ll surf more. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Start getting stoked like you used to as a grommet and get psyched on less than epic conditions that you seem to turn your nose up at these days.

3. Surf better

Experimentation is what it’s all about. Try something new and you’ll grow and it’s the same in surfing. If you surfa wide and variedselection of boards it will teach you more about wave riding than you might realise. We’ve all been guilty of sticking to our standard board for too long and not risking too much change. Buying new is such a financial burden that you’re far less likely to opt for anything too far from the norm. So buy used and mix it up. The hard fact is that keeping things fresh and exciting will lessen the chances of your surfing becoming a little stagnant. Surf more in general and ride a varied quiver of shapes to suit the conditions and you’ll find yourself evolving as a surfer too.

4. Grow your surfboard quiver
There’s something to be said about being the proud owner of large and diverse quiver of surfboards. One is never enough and 2 is an absolute minimum. Even the most infrequent of surfers might have a few boards stored away in the garage. Start buying and selling second hand surfboards and watch your rack burst at the seams and become the envy of all your friends. The surf itself produces such a variation of surfing conditions that it almost seems rude not to have a suitable board to make the most of them. Lend some out, hang some on the wall or pass them down to future generations. Either way, a truck load of surfboards in your garage should be your pride and joy.

5. Money back guarantee

We’ve all succumbed to the harsh reality of buying a brand new board only to discover it’s not what we’d expected and that it’s a dud. 1 or 2 surfs are all is usually needed before contemplating the hard decision to quickly move it on. But selling an almost new board that’s only been surfed a few times is a pretty hard task if you’re looking to retrieve the majority of your money back. The bottom line is that you’ll probably have to accept you’ll lose 1/3 of its value. Why even risk being in this painful situation when those that buy used can easily reap the majority of their money back.

6. Buying new doesn’t make you surf better

Many boards that are in very good to excellent condition can quite easily match the performance of a brand new board. But for many it’s a just a psychological barrier we need to understand. Of course if you’re an experienced and regular surfer, you’ll be specific with what you’re looking for and sometimes it can be tricky finding that perfect used board. But for many of those riding slightly less performance orientated designs, it shouldn’t be too much trouble finding a good to excellent conditioned board that will suit your riding style. Just by buying the surfboard new it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive any more drive or responsiveness than you would on a used surf board. And let’s face it; the majority of the surfing population would fit into this category – especially when it comes to riding funboards, hybrids and larger high volume designs. Just remember, when you shop for your next board, buying brand new won’t necessarily make you surf any better.

Published by Kaushal Shah

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