7 Important Accessories For Your Baby Stroller

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7 Important Accessories For Your Baby Stroller

Nov 27, 2017, 3:33:52 AM Life and Styles

Finding baby strollers should be no daunting task as there are several brands and models in the market. Some strollers come with the full accessory package while others will require you to buy them on your own. When looking for stroller accessories, there are several things to consider with regards to comfort, quality of the material, ease of use and maintenance as well as safety among other things. More importantly, you should know what accessories to buy beginning with those your child needs most Here is a brief look at the 7 important accessories your baby stroller needs to have at all times.

1. Stroller Fan

The first thing that pops on your mind when searching for stroller accessories should be on what's the best stroller fan for your baby. You absolutely need the best stroller fan since babies cannot regulate their own temperatures like adults. What's more, babies are quite fragile and hot weather can result in complications.

2. Weather Shield

A weather shield will protect your baby from wind, dust, splashes, rain and other weather elements. It should be transparent, easy to clean and maintain and of universal size. Finding a good quality weather shield will ensure you and your baby run errands regardless of the weather. Make sure it is breathable.

3. Glider Board

Glider boards are attachments added at the back of the stroller to create space for an older child. It is perfect for creating a bond between your kids allowing the older one to join in on the ride. Make sure the glider board has no slippery surface to prevent accidents.

4. Stroller Organizer

A baby organizer will give you the convenience needed when running errands with your baby. Most modern strollers come with inbuilt organizers, but you can still find custom units that will help you keep the stroller organized and neat. Choose a universal stroller organizer that has space for all your baby supplies.

5. Stroller Hook

It is not advisable to hand a lot of things on your baby stroller as it may get to heavy to push and even risk falling off if more weight leans on one side. Nonetheless, having a hook can help you hand some light weight and supplies for your baby.

6. Baby Seat (Car Seat)

Although a stroller will help you move from place to place, it does not provide a comfortable sleeping space for your baby. This is where the car seat plays an important role. You can continue running errands while your kid takes a comfortable healthy nap. Carefully review the baby seat to ensure it is comfortable and safe.

7. Head / Neck Support

A head and neck support is very important and will provide the support needed as your baby grows. It increases comfort and prevent your baby from suffering flat head. They are ideal for joggers and can be used with car seats. Choose the universal size for babies and make sure it is comfortable and safe for your kid.


Simple questions like what's the best stroller fan are the differences between prepared moms and others. Your child's safety and comfort should be your top priority. Having sufficient accessories will not only protect your baby, but also save you a lot of effort by making your trips, walks, jogs and shopping easier when using a stroller.

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