Improvement In The Quality Of Care

Improvement In The Quality Of Care

Mar 13, 2018, 2:04:07 AM Life and Styles

How many times do you consult the internet to identify a disease according to the symptoms your body has? Technology is not only useful to have access to information about what happens around us; most people also check the web when they feel sick.

It must be a priority and permanent goal of the doctor. It obliges us, apart from maintaining a professional competence, as already mentioned, to be able to work as a team to improve efficiency in the use of resources and the results of our actions. In addition, the physician must be involved in the design of the processes for continuous improvement of assistance without considering that 'others' are responsible for the deterioration or improvement of assistance. And, finally, this commitment implies accepting that the results of our performance can be evaluated.

Improving access to healthcare

The doctor has to be involved in the definition and search of optimal health care for the needs and available resources. That is, it must be fair. In addition, it must work to eliminate barriers and possible discrimination in accessing services so that they are adjusted to the case. A particularly appropriate form of commitment to equity is the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

1. Direct communication. The patient is free to ask questions about his illness, treatment or request an immediate diagnosis, that is, in real time.

2. Care for chronic patients. The patient receives the necessary care quickly, he has more confidence to contact his doctor.

3. Assistance to dependent patients. Without the barrier of making an appointment and waiting for months to visit the doctor, people will be able to clear all their doubts immediately.

4. Rehabilitation from a distance. This improves the quality of care and prevents risks

5. Progress control. The doctor has a digital history that allows him to observe the patient's progress.

Our responsibility as doctors concerns not only the continuous improvement of the assistance we provide and its qualities (quality, efficiency, equity, etc.) but also seeks to ensure the principles of the medical profession. Consequently, a correct relationship with other doctors is crucial, and participation in the self-regulation of the profession that society entrusts to doctors is also key.

Therefore, we must participate in the establishment of controls in the exercise of the profession according to values and in the correction of deviations in the event that they occur. In practice, this means that the doctor has an individual responsibility with respect to the exercise of their profession, but also collective. To go to the Peninsula Doctor will be most beneficial.

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