Solve Your Issues With Lyft Customer Helpline

Solve Your Issues With Lyft Customer Helpline

Jun 18, 2018, 10:13:57 PM Life and Styles

On a daily routine, your Lyft journey is mostly uneventful and smooth. All you have to do is take a ride that reaches your location and drops you at your destination, pay the driver and get on with your daily chores. But similar to all services, there is always a chance of something to go wrong; for example, you might forget and leave behind something, you might have a problem with the payment, or maybe the service which you received from the driver is not up to the mark. In such instances, you need to contact Lyft's Customer service to fix the issue. Lyft has introduced some new options to help you get a better experience from the customer service.

Lyft's customer calling system

In general, trying to reach any type of customer care service would be through a phone number, which is often easily available and issues can be discussed personally.  But in this case, Lyft's customer service number cannot be directly accessed. Instead, you have to first apply for call online. All you have to do is visit the link (which is the official customer care website for Lyft) and choose for the 'Call Me' option button. Once you click the button, a pop up menu opens where you will be allowed to type in your contact number. Within twenty-four hours of an online call application, one of the Lyft Customer Helpline agents will be calling you back. Note that the 'call me' option is preferable to be used only in cases of considerable importance or urgency. In case your problem is not of much importance, it is better to use Lyft's messaging service from the link

Contacting a Customer Service Representative

Generally, when you call in to a customer service hotline, you will reach a first level Lyft Customer Service Representative. You are now directly linked to that representative’s e-mail.  Lyft uses a ticket system and as long as your ticket is open; your e-mails will directly be received by the customer service representative through his inbox.   When you put forth multiple questions, you will always notice that you only get an answer to one of them (and it will be a standard robo-type response). In such cases you need to question them in repetition to get what you want.

Contacting Lyft's Customer Care service from their website

To report any type of incident or to lodge a complaint to Lyft, you need to visit link and browse through the available options that are provided to choose the category of your report. A few instances such as an incorrect drop or pickup location, any queries about payment, enquiry about discounts or about the inefficiency in quality of service are not available in the given categories. In such cases select the 'Others' category from the menu and then state your problem. On clicking 'Contact Support' option you will get a form that you will have to fill. In this form, briefly, state your problem and, if required, suggest a possible solution.

What happens after you send a message via

After receiving the email, Lyft Customer Help will surely reply to your letter and help you out. You can reply to their response again through the same email string and all future replies from Lyft will also come via email. Make sure to keep all the necessary information about one issue in one support thread so that follow up is made easier instead of starting a new support ticket at

Lost & Found Service

In case you lose an item in a Lyft car during your ride, you should immediately let Lyft know about it. This can be done using Lyft's app. In the Ride history section you can select the trip by which you travelled and contact the driver of that particular car. If it has been quite some time since you have lost your item (more than around two and a half days), you can select the 'I lost an item' option to make a proper report of your lost item. In those situations, Lyft sends a mail to the driver of the particular ride, asking them about the item. If the driver has found your item, it will then be his responsibility to contact you and return the item to you.


To get the best Lyft Customer Benefit, there are a few things to keep in mind:

•    Find the best option in the dropdown menu that matches your query.
•    Give only the relevant details that Lyft asks for.
•    Don’t include irrelevant details or send long messages. Keep it short and to the point.  
•    Ask one question at a time because you will receive answers to only one of your queries generally.  
•    Be patient, brief and polite.
•    Expect a first response within 24 hours

Contacting Lyft customer service may not be as easy as calling a phone number, but if you use the “Call Me” feature or send a message at, your issue will eventually be addressed.

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