The Relevance Of Online Learning For Exams Like JEE Main And NEET

The Relevance Of Online Learning For Exams Like JEE Main And NEET

Dec 12, 2017, 10:11:46 PM News

While the traditional learning and coaching system for entrance exams like JEE Main, NEET make candidates prepare the right way, online coaching for such entrance exams seems to have positioned itself in a equal measure scoring on factors like convenience and quality of understanding concepts.

A student could attend the coaching from the best of the institutes self-study is what would help candidates do well. While traveling and attending classes at inconvenient timelines might deteriorate the attention span and concentration level of the candidates, online coaching might step in and make the experience a little better. The candidates can learn from concept based videos at their convenience and devote a certain time for practice when they feel that their concentration levels are the best.

The online coaching programs also seem to consist of the following practices to make the student adept across various subjects:

•         Concept based videos
•         Solving practice problem sets
•         Getting Practice Assignments
•         Problem Solving strategies
•         Section wise tips for optimizing on time and number of attempts
•         Parallel preparation for school syllabus


The online coaching also generates a section-wise timetable for the candidates to help them better with their preparation. All the candidates would be required to do is to stay committed on the plan generated. Additionally, the practice sets given to students would be containing question attempts of the following levels – easy, moderate and tough. The more number of problems a student is exposed to solves the same, the candidates becomes more competent in a particular topic.

Apart from devoting a productive time frame of 4-5 hours in online coaching, a candidate would be expected to put in 3-4 hours of practice independently to absorb the required concepts and do well in the examination.

Computer Based Examination

A lot of exam interfaces have shifted to being Computer Based and online and therefore candidates preparing online and giving practice tests online would be able to attempt the exam better. For students from a rural background who do not have access to the JEE Main Coaching center or have to travel too far to attend coaching, online coaching would prepare them to attempt the online based entrance exam in a better way.

State Board vs CBSE

A lot of applications for the medical and engineering entrance exams are usually from the Central Board students in comparison to the State Board students as they are more familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern of exams such as NEET and JEE Main. However, through online education which focuses more on conceptual understanding, they can also get a detailed understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern in order to do well in the JEE Main/NEET/AIIMS examination.

Active Analysis

Online coaching in addition to enabling convenience and economy, also helps candidates do a very active analysis of the concept or subject in the form of referring to a lot of material online that would also equip them with the right learning methods to perfect on a particular topic. They also have detailed tests on various topics and sub-topics that would help candidates retain important concepts associated with a particular topic.

Fixed Duration

The online coaching courses that come across these days also are a for a fixed duration which can be completed by the students according to their own pace and time. The student can determine his own study pod and devote his time in perfecting the concepts with the help of online coaching during his preparation.

The training faculty are also said to be available promptly to help students get their doubts solved from time to time in order to ensure the doubts of the students gets solved on a regular basis.


A lot of students have already started enrolling themselves for coaching classes for NEET and JEE Main and with this kind of demand, a lot of candidates might not be able to get into online coaching. Therefore, the candidates can look for options in online coaching to help themselves prepare better.

Published by Kaushal Shah

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