Top 5 Email Management Software in 2018

Top 5 Email Management Software in 2018

Jun 2, 2018, 8:24:27 PM Tech and Science

With the help of email management software, the companies can easily manage a large volume of inbound emails. Most of the organizations are using the management software to provide customer support services. In the management software, there is a special ticketing system that will assign emails a different number, so they will be easy to access. Some of the management software have the Email Parser technology that helps the companies maintain their marketing campaigns.

With the help of Email Management Software, agents have been able to respond to their customer quickly. The biggest attraction of the software is that it has reduced the number of spam emails. Customers will receive the email from the company in their inbox. There are different types of Email Management Software available online. We know selection of the best one is tough for you. That is why we have for you the top 5 Email Management Software.

1 -

It is a data processing and workflow automation software. is perfect for the small and medium-sized businesses. Some of the amazing features you will get in the software are

1.    It will allow you to parse text from any portion of the email
2.    The software as the facility to start and stop filters. It will allow you to manage only text contained emails in your selected location
3.    It will allow you to parse different languages
4.    You will only have to adjust your template once. It will be adjusted all each structure of email.

2 - Front

It is one of the best inbox management software. It will create a unified inbox that will easily consolidate different channels, so you can efficiently manage your team and customers. With the help of Front team collaboration will be increased because it will help to save your time. It will help manage all the emails according to their priority. You only have to adjust the settings of Front once and it will act accordingly. You can easily adjust the inbox management app according to your changing requirements.

3 - Zoho mail

There are several email management software that will only help you to manage your emails so that you cannot miss the question from your client. However, Zoho mail has been developed with latest technology that will not only help in the email management but also the growth of your business. It will help you attract more customers and you will be able to retain them with retargeting feature. You can convert your company into a customer-focused organization. It will help you to keep your customers happy.

4 - Yesware

If you are planning to use your business email for the marketing purpose, Yesware is the software that you should have. It is a complete all in one sales toolkit. With the help of the software you can easily connect with your prospects. It will allow you to keep the track of customer engagement rate, so you can improve your services. With the help of Yesware you will be able to close more deal. It means your sales and revenue will increase. Yesware will allow you to manage everything from your inbox.

5 - SendinBlue email

SendinBlue email is developed with a special technology that will allow you to perfectly manage your marketing campaigns. It is a very power tool that will help you attract more customers with effective campaigns. It will allow you to manage the transactional emails, so you can keep a track of your records. With the help of SendinBlue email you can easily manage the SMS messages sent by your clients. It is an all in one simple tool for businesses.

Select the Email Management Software that you are most comfortable with. Assure that the technology you are selecting will meet all your requirements. You can select between the free and paid services. however, assure that the paid services will be in your budget.

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