Trends In Online Food Ordering Industry

We live in the age of internet, and its impacting almost everything in our day today life. It has changed the way we look at things and made them simpler. It has reached many sectors and fields beyond boundaries and it’s even adapted to food industry, let’s see some of the trends in online food ordering industry. Who doesn’t want choices, be it buying a pair of shoes, a watch or anything we search for many alternatives and choose the best. Food lovers want a variety of choices before picking up the right one they desire for, now there are many ways to get the food delivered from various food aggregator apps. The way the food is being ordered is also changing from conventional apps to other social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram and more, this is considered to be a new trend in this segment. There is also increased awareness about healthy organic lifestyle. If you are looking for freshly made food then Freshmenu is one of the online delivery platforms that offers a multitude of choice. Freshmenu is unique from other players in food tech as they use farm fresh ingredients, daily changing menus, highly experienced chefs, 45 minute delivery and world-wide cuisines.

The online food ordering companies are experiencing exponential growth in terms of market and revenue while pushing ecommerce industry to new heights. Online food ordering industry has created a new trend and opportunities encouraging especially youth to leave their traditional jobs and to chase their dreams with cool start-up ideas. Online food ordering is witnessing a paradigm shift as it creating a remarkable experience for customers by providing a variety of choices, alternative payment methods, attractive offers, coupons and discounts, cash backs, review and rating systems.

Mergers and acquisitions is another common trend generally observed where big ones are capturing new and innovative start-ups. Different business models are implemented by giving best quality, speedy delivery service, and best deals. To gain edge over other players the next craziest thing is doing food delivery by using drone technology which is in a testing stage reducing human dependency making it more efficient and profitable.

Globally online food industry in terms of market is largest in USA followed by UK, Italy, Spain and Canada. In India it’s growing substantially, research says by 2020 the number of transactions, apps downloading, and engaging time of users will quadruple when compared to present scenario. Take away branding is heavily promoted to create awareness and to make a strong image in customers mind. Youth are primarily targeted as their love for internet and mobile usage is higher when compared to other age groups. Recent statistics say digital orders are increasing exponentially when compared to dine in traffic its 300% more. The major reasons and trends for increasing online food ordering system are Convenience, Loyalty programs, Social media, mobile apps, digital menus.

The capital city New Delhi is all about rich culture and mouth-watering food. It is hot spot for traditional street foods, Mughalai dishes and authentic continental, Thai, Mexican cuisines. With heavy marketing and brand presence food ordering apps are bringing these varieties to your door step, using multiple channels strong connection is established with the customers, online food ordering in Delhi is new norm especially for people to go easy on pockets and save time.

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