Why Avoid Cheap Prescription Glasses And Get FramesDirect Coupons Instead

Why Avoid Cheap Prescription Glasses And Get FramesDirect Coupons Instead

Jan 20, 2018, 7:48:13 PM Life and Styles

It can be tempting to buy cheap prescription reading glasses online, at mall kiosks, and other discount stores. After all, the prices are really good, the glasses look good, and their makers claim these glasses have the same quality as if you were to get them at a proper optician eyewear store. Still, everything that glitters is not gold, and you could be taking serious risks by using cheap prescription glasses.

However, buying cheap glasses is one thing and buying high quality glasses affordably using discount coupons is another. Online vendors like Frames Direct give customers the opportunity to save money through promo codes. Frames direct coupons are available online in coupon sites like Quradia.com.

According to industry experts, there are quite a few reasons why you should avoid cheap prescription glasses.

Cheap Prescription Glasses Often Cause Headaches

When you buy cheap glasses online, a fitting nor a prescription are required. Because they are not properly fitted to you and to your prescription, these glasses have been reported to cause headaches. So, if you are wearing any version of these cheap prescription glasses and are experiencing headaches and migraines, stop taking headache relieving medication and simply stop using the cheap eyeglasses.

They Can Damage Your Eyesight

There is no real guarantee, because most cheap glasses sellers do not verify your prescription, that you are getting the glasses you need. Even if your eyesight improves while wearing them, it can likely be a lot better. The lenses in these glasses can be different than what is advertised, and they may not give you proper protection from the sun or the suns glare. These things can create eye strain in the form of blurred vision, pain in or around the eyes, and double vision.

They May Not Be Safe For Driving

If these glasses are not safe for reading, they cannot possibly be safe for driving or operating other similar machinery. You could be risking more lives than your own by wearing cheap prescription glasses while driving, especially at night.

They Break Easier

One of the main reasons why consumers pause before purchasing these types of glasses is because they are known to break easily. Most of the retailers that sell them do not offer a warranty like proper eyewear retailers do. A pair of expensive, fitted, and prescribed glasses will last years, while a pair of cheap glasses will last months if not days. Even if you could get five pairs of cheap glasses for the price of one at the optician’s office, the hassle and wait time in between replacements is not worth it. Most people have jobs or school where their glasses are required, so being without glasses is not an option. Do not risk it with cheap prescription glasses.

They May Not Fit Right

Not only is the quality of cheap prescription glasses questionable, the frames may not fit your right, so they will not be comfortable to use. You may risk them falling off your face and breaking. Most of the cheap prescription glasses retailers claim to have an infinite variety of frames to choose from and while they may look pretty and unique, you will not know if they are a generic fit until they arrive at your home. If they end up not fitting, you will have to return and exchange them and hope that the next pair does not present the same challenge.

In trying to save a few dollars, you could be creating real damage to your eyesight and to your health. It is better to be safe than sorry. A visit to the optician can cost a bit more money, but it will give your security and peace of mind which are priceless. The glasses fitted to you by a professional, where your prescription is verified, will last far longer, will have a warranty, and will eliminate the risks, questions, and doubts that come with cheap prescription glasses purchased anywhere else.

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