Girl Meets World Review: Ski Lodge Love

Girl Meets World Review: Ski Lodge Love

 Girl meets world returned with the highly anticipated ski lodge episode. Let's get straight into it.
So Cory brings his class to the infamous ski lodge where he met Lauren. If you didn't understand why Cory was flipping out in his normal Cory fashion, it was because this was where Cory and Topanga had their biggest pitfall in their relationship. Thus, with an episode taking place at the ski lodge, drama will ensue.

This has been rumored to be the episode where everything changes after the ski lodge episode. And finally, we can end this stupid triangle that really has been way too drawn out. At least with episodes like permanent record and Jexica, the focus wasn't on the triangle nonsense. But the past three episodes showed Maya's identity issues as her reason for liking Lucas so that brings me to my next point, which is why we even got the plot point of Maya liking Lucas? Especially after seeing where the writers want to go.
After this episode, it's obvious that the writers are more in favor of Rucas happening. I mean that's the setup for part 2. It's a shame because I see way more chemistry with Riley and Farkle. Yes, I'm a hopeless Riarkle fan. To be honest, it's way more realistic and less Disney if things didn't work out with Lucas and Riley because how often does anyone end up with their first crush? Anyway maybe that's a post for another day.
Ski lodge did a descent setup for the next episode. For me, there was too much time spent on the fantasies. Yes, I know they're supposed to be representative of the relationships, but it was a bit too much. I found myself wanting them to snap out of the fantasies so we can get some progress.

Maya's fantasy was basically supposed to show that she wants that rebellious lifestyle and that Lucas prefers it if she didn't. So why does Lucas like Maya? If anything, this episode made me question why he had any confusion at all. In Riley's fantasy, it was all sunshine and rainbows compared to the constant fighting between Maya and Lucas. I did like the humor ensued in both fantasies. I liked that they both poked fun at the characters. Zay, Farkle and Smackle were pretty funny supporting characters. Auggie was cute too.

A more interesting role is Josh's place in this episode. Yeah, he was the chaperone for the trip, but he appeared in both Maya and Riley's fantasies as a symbol for fans to speculate about. Now I think it'd be really weird for Josh and Maya to date, but I'm also not totally shutting the door on it. Sabrina has great chemistry with Uriah and Peyton, so it's a matter of execution for whichever route the writers are going to take.

That was pretty much the episode, right? We get the scene with Evan who by the way is too young to be working at the lodge but whatever Disney. He brings over a hot chocolate, and it appears that Riles talks to him all night just like the Boy Meets World episode. I think we'll finally get some action with Lucas getting jealous.The problem with the triangle is that there's all this talk about it between the trio but they never do any sort of action to resolve it. Finally, we'll get some closure. I'm excited to see the rest of Ski Lodge. I'm gonna give the episode a B- for now. I may go back and change it depending on part 2. 

See you next Friday when I review the next episode!

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