Pretty Little Liars Review: Another One Bites the Dust

Pretty Little Liars Review: Another One Bites the Dust

Pretty Little Liars proves it has some consistency with another solid episode of its seventh season. I don't have much to say about the real mystery of the show because it focused so much on the ridiculous explanation Jenna gave Emily. That can't be true. I'm not sure what Jenna's role is on the show anymore. In the older episodes, she always acted sketchy because she thought she killed Alison back when she was with Garrett. Now, it feels a bit forced. That being said, I'm way more fascinated with Noel's role on the show. Oh, and just when Sara becomes somewhat likable, she gets killed off. I like that another death happened so casually. It really shows the ruthlessness of the new A.D.

The more character moments shined tonight as Spencer and Caleb put an end to their relationship. It was such a mature scene to watch, and I loved Spencer's little speech about how lonely she felt after Toby. It shows that their relationship wasn't for nothing. 

I loved the scene with Hanna and Aria, as they confess their secrets to each other. The scene was shot beautifully as Hanna and Aria watch normal families interacting among their mess. I also really enjoyed the Spencer and Hanna scene. As Spencer asks Hanna if she's going to tell Caleb about Jordan, I could see Hanna looking super unsure. I think she needs some time to clear her head.

Meanwhile, after a lackluster proposal, I actually got super excited by the second proposal because they were finally on the same page with each other. I mean, Aria looked so elated in her adorable animal print sweater as Ezra gave a more simple fitting proposal that left me satisfied.

Finally, Alison suffered quite a bit in this episode as the return of those stupid masks come into play. I really despise the use of these masks for some reason, and I can't really say why. Good thing Emily consoled her with record music. I was worried they were gonna jump into Emison action, but it was nice to see there will be a slow buildup between the two girls.

Other than that, what else did we really get? I'm giving the episode a because it had some standout moments like Spaleb's breakup and Aria's proposal. The friendship between the girls is also so darn cute. But as far as the mystery, there wasn't too much to talk about. I will say that for PLL, the grades have been reallly good. Back in season 5 and 6, I'd be giving out C's and D's, but this season has lived up to its hype. Tune in next week for another episode of PLL.

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