Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 Review: The Darkest Knight

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 Review: The Darkest Knight

Ugh, after such a strong string of episodes, the finale actually left me super disappointed. What I didn't like about this finale is the fact that it reverted back to the girls being dumb and careless. I was just not impressed, but let's jump into the episode.

So Hanna has a psycho moment when she slashes Noel while being tied up, and it's pretty cool at first. Then Hanna calls Queen Mona to fix everything, and Mona finds the flashdrive they need to prove he's guilty of torturing them in the dollhouse. Again, this whole Noel thing makes zero sense with him previously being revealed as someone who was helping Ali run away. I mean, do the writers remember that? 

Jenna being involved as well is all too convenient. And Sydney returning was clearly supposed to shock us when I couldn't care less about Sydney. I can't with all these minor characters being involved. 

What was positive about the episode was the romantic endeavors of the liars. The Haleb stuff was inevitable and it was a great scene when Caleb was yelling at Hanna. They were super cute, and I'm happy that Spencer has seemed to move on. Marco was actually pretty cute in this episode, but that Spoby kiss trumped him in every way possible. Their last kiss was so sweet. Poor Yvonne will definitely not survive the car crash. I mean, she's way too cool for Toby to ditch her, so killing her off will probably allow Spencer and Toby to get together.

Aria. Oh Aria. I want Aria to be happy with Ezra so badly. She got all dressed in that gorgeous romper only to see Ezra and Nicole kissing on the news. At this point, I want Aria and Jason to be together. Ezria fans can go nuts, but it's so complicated with Ezra.

The only romantic part I disliked strongly was actually Emison. It was so forced and I really didn't like that the writers just wanted it for the finale episode. There was no buildup. It made me sympathize with Paige, and Emily should've resisted. Ali being pregnant and alone is sad, but Emily needs to also grow a backbone when it comes to Alison.

The Noel death didn't really affect me like I think it was supposed to. I think the gruesomeness of it was supposed to make me feel like it was a crazy death, but I just didn't care. Mary Drake revealing Spencer is actually her daughter was probably the best piece of information we got from the episode. I'm guessing her father must've thought Mary Drake was Jessica when he was cheating on Veronica. Damn, so Jason and Spencer are more closely related than we thought. 

I'm giving this episode a C- because it was such a letdown for a strong season so far.  I really wanted to like this episode, but it really left me disappointed overall. I'll be back in April to cover more PLL! I hate to conclude on such a bad note, but I really enjoy recapping the show. Until next time.

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Sep 2, 2016, 10:52:42 PM

Thanks! I know I was harsh, but I appreciate your comment! :)

Sep 1, 2016, 4:57:44 PM

I love PLL! I thought the finale episode was great, but I guess some of the stuff that happens can get rather repetitive, especially when they make the same mistakes over and over and you expect them to have learnt from last time. Loved this article on it anyway! :)

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