Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 5 Review: Along Comes Mary

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 5 Review: Along Comes Mary

Pretty Little Liars returned with another solid episode following the death of Elliot/Archer. So maybe it's just me, but the show has improved immensely since the start of its seventh season. As promised, it's a lot more fast-paced, but it's also edgier and the camera work has been done really well to the point where I'm noticing the different angles in scenes.

So first, I really digged Emily and Aria's friendship in this episode. They were both refreshingly normal together as we got so many funny bits. I loved the day drinking line so casually thrown into their phone conversation, along with Aria pointing out how awkward Sabrina and Emily were. But even though Aria and Emily have grown as friends, they made some rookie mistakes in their PLL fashion. Toby's reaction to finding out they touched stuff in the burner apartment was perfect. He really felt like a cop in this episode, and I'm intrigued in his role in Archer's case. Will he find out something from the girls? I mean Emily and Aria looked a bit on edge toward Toby, but he didn't seem to notice.

Speaking of Toby, I loved the scene with Spencer. The show has really dived into this Hanna/Caleb/ Spencer triangle, and it's so intense with all their feelings bleeding all over the place. I like that Spencer and Toby have remained friends and even friendly to a point where Spencer can ask about Caleb. And friendly enough to make that terrible joke to greet him. Only Troian could've nailed that scene. We also get a glimpse of Marco, but he's more involved with Alison's case in this episode.

Alison finds out she's broke. The scene with the ATM was pretty sad and even worse was when Mary Drake came into the picture. Did you guys believe her? To be honest, she seemed pretty genuine to me.

Emily and Sabrina are a thing now, which is very random. They won't last, but I did like that they went through a couple bottles of wine and some popcorn from what I saw from their date before. 

I called it when we found out Nicole's body wasn't found that she'd be alive. It couldn't be at a worse time when we got the Ezria proposal. But who knows? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm excited to see what Aria says. I mean it's Ezria. 

Someone who wasn't too genuine was Jenna and Sara. They formed some sort of revenge club, which I actually enjoyed quite a bit in this episode. The final scene with Noel was great too, and I was actually shocked to see him of all people.

Anyway, we got some movement in the episode, but we also got a lot of entertainment, which is why I'm giving the episode B+ It wasn't as good as last week, but it was a descent followup to a solid storyline for PLL. Also, how killer was the fashion from the episode? I loved Aria and Emily's looks a lot. Check out my blog for more PLL fashion at

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