Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Original G'A'ngsters

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Original G'A'ngsters

Pretty Little Liars returned with the aftermath of Sara's death. But not really, right? Literally, nobody really cared that she was killed off the show. Not even Emily. She was too busy with a more lighthearted plot with her mother. I really enjoyed Pam and Emily's relationship in the episode. I'm always on edge when I watch the show so I assumed there was something fishy with the free drinks, but I guess it was all just a setup for Pam to have a little fun.

Regarding the Jason and Mary feud, I'm siding with Jason. Of course they should be weary of. I don't really get why Ali is adamant about backing her up. Finding out Charlotte had a sibling was interesting, but I want this plot to be separate from Ali's family. I want A.D. to be someone with new motives and a better backstory. 

So speaking of Jason, he and Aria have some tension still and he invites her to Ali's for an awkward dinner. I mean, with Nicole's return and Jason's interest in Aria, I really want a stable couple in Aria and Ezra right now. I loved their proposal and their scenes were great tonight too.

The stuff about the files was also interesting, but I think there's someone else who is tampering with Aria and Noel's file. For what reason? I'm not sure.  But I doubt it's Mrs. Dilaurentis. 

Hanna and Caleb have their spark back, and I like that they didn't kiss in this episode because it's too soon right now. Especially with Spencer being crushed in every episode. Meanwhile, Spencer and Toby part ways, and this scene really got me. When the show started, Toby and Spencer were the first couple I really loved. And over the years, they've had their ups and downs. But Toby admitting that Spencer isn't his soulmate anymore was so sad and seemingly final. Yvonne is a cool chick, but I hope Toby comes back.

Anyway, I'm excited to see where the next episode goes. It's all building up for the summer finale, and I stoked with how well the show has been doing. Tune in next Tuesday for the next episode.

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