Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 8 Review: Exes and OMGs

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 8 Review: Exes and OMGs

Pretty Little Liars returned with an episode appropriately named Exes and OMGs. It was filled with exes, including Nicole, Caleb, and the return of Paige. First let's start with the Ezria stuff because it was a very strong plot in this episode. Ezra finds out about Aria's phone call mishap, and Aria more than makes up for it when she trades in her Italy tickets so that Ezra can find Nicole. It was such a mature move on Aria's part, and the kiss at the airport was heartbreaking. When we see Aria zipping up her dress, it's so sad to see her excitement dissipated by poor timing.

But holy crap to that promo, right? Was she really leaving Jason's bed? I have a feeling she'll find out there are survivors and then she has her moment of weakness with Jason. Then Ezra will return with news that Nicole didn't survive. It's such a cringe worthy prediction, but I bet that's what happens.

Besides the Nicole drama, Aria and Spencer team up to find out pretty much nothing from the doctor. We do learn that Charlotte's sibling did indeed leave Radley alive, so it makes for a descent subplot for Aria. And Spencer was barely in this episode, except toward the end when we see her browsing through her old photos. Is she related to Mary Drake because I've seen the theories? I've also seen Aria ones too.

In other news, Alison and Emily might be co-workers. How the hell did the entire class decide that this was a remotely good idea with the stunt? You'd think there'd be at least one student who might've said "You know guys, this is pretty cruel." And these kids are in high school. There would be at least three or four who forgot their sweatshirts. Honestly, the whole thing was so absurd, I thought it was a dream.

Emily and Paige reunite for a second, and you can tell Emily felt some old feelings come up. But that was immediately shut down when Paige saw Sabrina. It also reminded me of when Paige caught Emily and Nate kissing. She probably went to go assault some garbage cans again.

But also, why was it weird for Emily to work with Alison? Ali even asked, but Emily really didn't give a clear answer. Man, Emily has so many options at this point.  

Finally, we got Mrs. Grunwald attempting to warn Hanna about Caleb. Tie in her dream sequence and the flashbacks to her tormentor, and she's convinced to just fly solo. It's an interesting move on Hanna's part, and it'll definitely implode. But I kind of like the idea of Hanna doing her own thing right now. I also liked the scene with Hanna and Caleb. They had a sweet hug and an almost kiss, and it was amazing. 

Next week, we're getting another intense episode, and I'm so excited to see this all play out for Hanna. I'm loving all the return of different characters. Stay tuned for next week's episode.


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