The Fosters Review: Collateral Damage

The Fosters brought an intense finale episode, where more than one foster kid were left in danger. Let's dive into the episode because it was crazy.

So lets start with Jesus. He sees Mariana stressed so he looks at her phone to discover Nick's back at home waiting to be able to "touch" her again. Jesus being the awesome brother he is goes to see Nick to clear things up. It probably sucked for Nick to hear that she's back for Mat, but he really needed that.

So Mariana takes more drugs and learns that Mat wants to go to Berklee College of Music, so she naturally chases some of those drugs with Mat's beer. She begins to see visions of Nick and calls Jesus. This pushes Jesus to call Nick who happens to be chilling at home. He came off as refreshingly normal until he completely disregards the ankle bracelet. 

He tracks down Mariana who then screams at him for making her so scared. It was great acting all around. These two really play well off each other in their intense scenes. I love Cierra and Louis.

Additionally, we got a short snipet of Jude and Noah who were all giddy and secretive. I just love these two together. They're both so darn cute, but I don't see an easy path for them in the future.

Meanwhile, Sophia drops by and it was great to see her a bit older. She does play a more pivotal role when she's followed later mistaken as Callie. Callie had multiple storylines, including a very confusing conversation with AJ. I understand that Callie wants to defend Aaron about being transgender, but AJ was clearly jealous of Aaron for a while and Callie furthered that by saying she would date him. It was just a very bad misunderstanding between the two. 

Callie then potentially gets into a car with a murderer so there's that too. I was surprised to hear Aaron say it was someone in the family, and I started flipping out when I saw who Callie was sitting next to. Scary stuff to end the season.

On a much sadder note, Brandon gets into Julliard only to be caught with the SAT  scandal. It was insanely sad to see Lena break the news to him. Also, how sad was it when Brandon just said "Okay."

I feel for Brandon, and to make matters worse, he sent Cortney that letter. It all just sucks for him right now. It was the first time this season I genuinely felt for Brandon.

Stef also got some heat for something that happened seasons ago when she covered for Mike when he shot someone who was unarmed. Remember that? Everything seems to come haunting the family back in this episode and it made for one hell of a finale.

It was a very intense episode. I'm sure Jesus is fine. Noah Centineo is such a great addition to the cast. I doubt they'd write him off. Instead, I'm more nervous for the outcome of being punched. How will this affect him and will it be life-changing?  Anyway, this episode is an because the ending was really intense. It was a great mix of drama overall.

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