The Fosters Review: New York

The Fosters Review: New York

The Fosters returned with an episode where Callie had a few storylines going all at once. Callie learns that Kyle will be moving to another prison so she acts fast. Callie goes above and beyond yet again when she breaks into Doug's apartment for a sample of his DNA. Man, I really wanted Callie to stay out of this, but she couldn't. Also, she's forced to be honest about her relationship with AJ and Aaron.

I really like Callie and AJ together, so watching the closet scene was tough. I wanted things to work between these two, but Callie's not making it easy. It looks like they might break up since we're seeing in the finale promo some serious tension between AJ and Aaron. 

Callie is also intertwined in Jude's storyline as we see he's still pissed that Callie told Noah's parents. I mean I'd be mad too, especially getting that cute flashback when Jude found Brandon and Callie kissing. Callie definitely has Jude's best interest at heart, but she was a little unfair to Jude. Even though we see Noah as the more experienced one here, he does more than make up for it when he apologizes. I think Noah is a good kid, but after their moms catch them smoking pot, I don't see their parents approving of the two dating. 

Meanwhile, Brandon has a major plot that I actually liked. I really liked the girl featured in this episode as Ariel. She was a reminder to Brandon that he's just a kid and he doesn't really want to be with Cortney. Also, I think Cortney is catching on to Brandon not having his best interests at heart too with the short scene in the beginning. Well, Ariel prompts Brandon to write a Dear John letter, and he actually goes through with it. We also see Brandon kill his audition, and I loved how his moms reacted. 

Mariana had a small appearance as well when she learns that Lena didn't want the twins at first. How sweet of Jesus to try to protect his sister, but Mariana still decides to read Stef's journal. So at first Mariana is pumped to be moving because she's also glad to rid the memories of Nick. But when we learn they're keeping the house in a very smart move that reminded me of How I Met Your Mother, Mariana is upset. Lena then tells Mariana a heartwarming story about how she knew Mariana was her daughter. 

Finally, Lena notices Mariana's jittery behavior. Her problems stem from a lot of unresolved issues with Nick and the casual pills she's been popping, so we'll see what happens in the finale. It all looks like it'll come to a head with Jesus intervening.  This week is going to get a solid because it was a great setup for the finale, which looks to be thrilling. Tune in next week for another episode of The Fosters.

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