The Fosters Review: Now for Then

The Fosters Review: Now for Then

The Fosters returned with episode 4 of its summer season and we got a pretty interesting episode. To me, we got a lot of characters saying things the audience wanted to say, which was great.

Callie kicks off the episode with an adorable scene with AJ, where we're reminded of their budding relationship. I forgot all about their cute banter. They go off to work on Callie's senior project. Just a quick sidenote; I wish my senior project was literally whatever I wanted it to be. These kids are lucky. Anyway, they visit Liam's home, where we got to meet his mother who was totally rude and victim blaming toward Callie. She is so classy for just getting up because I would have had a few choice words. She then goes to her room and takes some pretty chilling pictures. With the background music, the scene was definitely effective.

The episode then turns into something else when Callie learns about Kyle's being in jail. To be honest, AJ got it completely right. She doesn't always have to be Super Callie. We also got the return of Aaron as Callie ignores Aj's advice. His role just got a lot more interesting after a weird entrance to the show last week. 

 I will say that the scene with AJ talking about her rape was extremely mature and one of the main reasons why I like them together. But the Brallie fandom is way too strong, and I've accepted that Callie will inevitably end up with Brandon.

Meanwhile, Mike and Anna begin to have trouble in paradise over Gabe. Mike is someone I've always rooted for so I was praying the entire episode that he didn't put in a bad word about Gabe. Mike has had his slips here and there, but he's a big softie at heart.

Speaking of softies, who knew both Gabe and Jesus could be such softies too? We get Jesus's perspective too in the Gabe storyline as Lena and Stef fight to get his name off the sex offender's list. Jesus asks his dad simply "Don't you ever get lonely?" and it's such a powerful scene. And it's so heartbreaking when Jesus just loses it and hugs his father. That scene was so emotional. Good for Noah. He really sells this scene, which is easy to mess up on. And we get great news when he is indeed off the list by the end of the episode. 

Let's get to the party. Or should I say gathering? What makes this story hilarious is that I think Brandon and even the siblings attending thought the party was going to be some sort of rager. Instead, we get this pathetic party, where Cortney's few friends show up. The story felt very real because her friends reminded me so much of the way girls act in college. It also felt real because I've been to parties like this that are just sad. Between the siblings all acting awkward and Stef spying on them, it made for a pretty hilarious moment. The party ends with Cortney being served with Eddie wanting full custody.

After four skinny margaritas, Brandon starts to question Cortney, and I have to give Cortney credit for asking a question we've all been wondering: Why is Brandon with this girl? He tells her he loves her even though we know as an audience that this is going to end very badly. It's nice to see a little humility from her, but I still can't wait for this relationship to implode.

Finally, we got Mariana's storyline. First, let me say that I love the opening scene where she was with Stef and Lena in bed. It was so sweet, and honestly very relatable. The story begins to unfold as Mariana tells Matt that she's visiting him. He was completely understanding, which was great too. The final scene was chilling. Louis Hunter kills the role of Nick, as he's embodies the character Nick in a very haunting way. His eyes seem so troubled as Mariana says exactly what he wants her to say, which is that she loves him. Mariana takes on a burden as she realizes that he's all she's living for. I really rooted for Nick when he came on the show, and I would love it if he remains friends with Mariana. Heck, he was Jesus's friend too. 

I'm giving this episode an A again because I actually liked all the storylines a lot. Again, Callie's storyline doesn't always make sense, but I did enjoy the dynamic with AJ. The plot with Brandon and Cortney was actually entertaining and Stef and Lena were hilarious in this episode. I swear, that scene where Stef whips her head back as Mariana catches her was pure gold. The only thing missing was the Judicorn. I was so stoked about him and Noah, but maybe we'll get him next week. Stay tuned for next Monday's review. For more of The Fosters, please check out my blog for the fashion from the episode.


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