A Gem of a Read

A Gem of a Read

Cowboy Rising (Cowboy Cocktail-Series) by Mia Hopkins (Author)

This review is from: November 16,2016 By Kay Daniels (eReader Edition-Goodreads)

There was no predictably with Cowboy Rising, it was a complete breath of fresh air. A true gem of a read. Georgia Meyers is a journalist who has never set down roots. Growing up with her father in the military made sure she never stayed in one spot for long, but meeting a hot...headed rancher might make her rethink about her nomad lifestyle. Daniel MacKinnon is a rancher who's family roots run so deep he sometimes feels strangled by them. His dreams of ever leaving the ranch are a distant memory, that is until he meets a quick tongued reporter. Daniel and Georgia couldn't be more different. That is until they give into their instant attraction. They quickly discover their differences make them feel more at home together then when they try to stay apart.

Cowboy Rising is not only a beautiful story, that you won't be able to put down, but it will also sizzle in your hands when Daniel and Georgia finally succumb to their desires. Mia Hopkins is an amazing writer. You will fall in love with the rich text of this story. For instance, as Georgia sifts through the sand while sitting on the beach you will actually feel the granules of sand slipping through your own fingers. Every touch, every breath, every moment you will experience it firsthand. Cowboy Rising is a lush read that I challenge you to put down before you've finished it cover to cover. I was transported into Mia Hopkins' world and I didn't want to leave. My one complaint is that the story could have been longer, but that is a huge compliment to the writer.

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