I am huge Survivor fan. I've watched every season since Susan called Richard a snake and Kelly a rat on season one. It captured America's attention and it certainly captured mine. 
There is a reason why Survivor has won awards as the best reality show on TV over and over again. The premise is the same; outwit, outplay, outlast everyone else. It is a social game, a physical game, and a mental game all rolled into one harsh living environment. A certain number of players, a certain number of days, one winner. Everyone goes home and a new season starts again.
Survivor has sustained 33 seasons, yet it is ever changing; Blood vs. Water, Heros vs. Villians, Blue Collar vs. White Collar vs. No Collar, Millennials vs Gen X, etc...
Watching the social experiment play out on television each week is always great for conversation.
If only Survivor carried over into real life.
How many of you have been caught in a blindside? Thought you were in an alliance/trustcluster/voting-block only to find out you were actually on the wrong side? The real world doesn't send you home away from the people who just voted you out. Unfortunately, in the real world, when you are blindsided you still have to work on a project with those who wronged you. You still have to sit down to a family dinner and engage those you may not like. You still have to move on from an election even if you didn't like the outcome.
The world will constantly slap you across the face with a blindside. It is just how the world works. How you pick yourself up and deal with it, unfortunately Survivor never shows us what happens after the vote, but in the real world not ending your "season" as the snake or rat is a great beginning.
Rebuild your trust. Work on relationships. Rebuild your network.
Have a happy holiday season everyone.

Published by Kay Daniels

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