Icon Tattooing

Icon Tattooing

Dec 19, 2016, 3:02:28 AM Opinion

​Creating a badge, personal identifier, or icon. Why is it such a struggle whenever I pick out a gravatar, site identifier, or logo? I feel as if I'm getting a tattoo which will be the permanent image of what people will recognize me as when they go to seek out my name. 

No pressure or anything.

And the kicker is, what if I choose the wrong image? What if I make the wrong choice? It could be detrimental to the very foundation of what I'm hoping to achieve. Couldn't it?

Well, perhaps I'm being just a touch dramatic. Maybe.

However, let's look at the options I've pondered over.

Classy, with a touch of flair. Nice and safe.


Sultry. Sexy. Bold.


A hint of sexy, with a touch of seduction.


A twist unlike the others. Flowers are both romantic and erotic. The colors catch your eye just like when a lover chooses the perfect flower to gift to his love. 

I do enjoy gifts. What do I do?

This is what huge advertising companies spend big bucks doing. Ideas, commercials, magazine ads, billboards, those annoying pop up ads. They have groups of people in meetings who brainstorm ideas, to market their idea, to campaign their idea, then mass hit-you-in-the-face with their idea.

Me? I spend $0, have a group of 1, brainstorm with my cat when he listens, and then go with my gut-hit-you-in-the-face campaign. So far so good. Although I haven't quite hit Nike status.


After lots of internal debate, because frankly my cat only enjoys sleeping and licking his favorite body parts, which was not going to be a logo. Sorry kitty you're a terrible business partner. 

I went with the eye catcher. So I think I'm ready for that tattoo.

Published by Kay Daniels


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