LIFT 4 Autism 2017 Blogger Blitz

LIFT 4 Autism 2017 Blogger Blitz

2017_HeaderVersionRomance authors, readers, and the blogging community around the world have banded together to help shine a light on families living with Autism.  Through the LIFT 4 Autism campaign we have rallied together not only to raise awareness, but to raise funds for this years campaign.

What is Autism?

A mystery to some. A way of life for others. A cause for all since it is now the fastest growing and most common disability in the US. 1 in every 68 children are diagnosed with Autism. Many of these kids will rely on their parents to some degree, depending on severity, all their lives, with estimated costs between 5 to 7 million dollars in services and care over their lifetime. Many of the services those living with Autism require are not covered by insurance. It is an expensive and difficult lifelong diagnosis to navigate.

This year’s LIFT charitable partner is KultureCity, specifically this great organization’s LifeBOKS program. The funds raised through this year’s LIFT campaign will go to purchase life-saving kits for ASD families.

What is LIFT 4 Autism and who is KultureCity?

Authors Ginger Scott and Kennedy Ryan started LIFT 4 Autism a few years ago as a charitable initiative rallying the romance reading community in April, which is Autism Awareness/Acceptance month. All proceeds go to this year’s charitable partner Kulture City, who is doing amazing things for Autism families. Specifically, LIFT will benefit Kulture City’s lifeBOKS program, which provides families with free kits to curtail wandering, a common and potentially life threatening challenge. Proceeds will also benefit Kulture City’s tablet program, which provides iPads to improve communication for non and limited verbal children on the spectrum to families who cannot afford them.

Details about this years campaign can be found at:

You can get started supporting LIFT today:


  1. Online Auction, featuring many of your favorite romance authors!

Find the full list here: If you are an author and want to donate, sign up here.

Browse all the amazing items up for bid here:

The auction will be LIVE and open for bidding Monday, April 24 - Friday, April 28.

  1. 1-Click the YA Fantasy Anthology Ever In the After for 99¢

insta 6

100% of all proceeds will be donated to this year’s Lift4Autism charitable partner. In Ever in the After, 13 authors come together to explore fantastical realms full of supernatural creatures, dark intrigue, and spells that may–or may not–be curses.

*All proceeds go to LIFT 4 Autism!


  1. Buy LIFT Wear! (t-shirts, mugs, totes, etc...)

LFIT 2017 t-shirt

  1. Make a financial donation through the LIFT Campaign.


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