My Last Fling of 2016

My Last Fling of 2016

Raphael's Fling; The Darcy Brothers #2 (Series)
by Alix Nichols (Author)

A charming, heartfelt read told in first person that I couldn't put down once I picked it up.

Mia is pursing her doctorate degree in Paris, but she still works to pay the bills. She never intended to begin a relationship, actually that was the last thing she ever wanted to do, her studies took up most of her free time, but somehow she ended up deep in an affair with her boss. Well, not technically her boss, but the CEO of the company, so the big, big, BIG boss. Raphael d'Arcy himself.

Not only has she broken her mother's rule to procreate before marriage (her mother is a pastor), okay to be honest Mia broke that rule years ago, but what I'm talking about is her own rule of sleeping with someone she works with. Mia promised she'd never have sex with someone from work. So what is she doing and more importantly why couldn't she stop?

Why did Raphael have to be so sexy? So charming? So handsome? Just so Raphael?

She is going to break it off. She really is. She knew it would never last. His so-called "relationships" never did. She hated being a dirty secret. Well maybe not the dirty part that was actually nice. So, maybe next week she'd have the willpower to call it quits. But right now with Raphael and all the dirty thoughts running around in her head next week sounded like a much better idea. Yeah.

Raphael's Fling was a fun read. It had twists and turns which is why once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. Mia suffered from the same angst and insecurities every woman does, even if we weren't sleeping with the boss. Even Raphael was relatable. He wasn't over the top and didn't make grand gestures that were out of character. Actually I loved that they both moved at their own pace and never broke character to make outlandish gestures.

To some their romance may have seemed subtle, but it was in the small things that Raphael did, that Mia didn't always notice at first herself, that made the story romantic. At one point, Mia sat in retrospect and realized that Raphael had ruined her for every other man because of those little things. He always seemed to know when she was unhappy or upset. He also knew the things that made her excited and what she liked. He took the time to take an interest in her dissertation, her interests. For in those small things he made grand gestures of love. That made my heart melt.

This was the second book in this series and I didn't read the first, yet. I am hoping to pick it up in the new year. However, I didn't feel lost or like I'd missed anything. If you are like me and also haven't read the first book, but want to dive right into Raphael's Fling you shouldn't have any trouble.  Just a heads up there is a third book in the works which will be about the youngest brother, but I don't believe a publication date has been set yet.

This is my final review for 2016. To everyone I wish a Happy New Year and many happy blessings!

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