No Regrets, Just Thrills

No Regrets, Just Thrills

Thrill Me; Sole Regret #9 (Series)
by Olivia Cunning (Author)

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Sole Regret  is Olivia Cunning’s novella series involving hotter than sin rock stars each finding their true loves. The series began with five books, each rock star receiving their own novella revolving around how they met their one night stand and the wild night that followed. However, it didn’t end there. The next five books have been what happened after that amazing first night because let’s all admit it, who wouldn’t want just one more night with a gorgeous rock star and their chance for a happily ever after. Then again in the light of day, once life gets real and the realization of knowing you’d have to live life on the road, not to mention the press and the possibility of past “baggage” following you around, you might reconsider. Maybe.

In Thrill Me, Owen Mitchell is one of my favorite characters. He plays bass for Sole Regret, is a total sweetheart, and he has a special piercing that Caitlyn can’t get enough of. He has a habit of giving away his heart too easily so he’s had it broken a lot, but that doesn’t mean he gives up at finding the perfect girl for him. He’s a true romantic at heart which makes me melt everytime he thinks he’s falling too fast. He is not your typical rock star when it comes to feelings. When he meets Caitlyn he feels he’s hit the jackpot. She’s smart, beautiful, and she seems to get him, but she only wants to keep it casual, which crushes him, however, he’s used to it. Could I just give him a hug or twenty?

Catilyn Mattock, now divorced Catilyn Hanson, promised herself she wouldn’t fall in love again so soon. The ink is barely dry on her divorce papers. Owen makes is very hard to stick to that promise. Maybe if she just used him for his gorgeous, hard, sexy body she wouldn’t fall in love with him. He could give her the thrills she never had in her marriage, but why did Owen have to be so sweet? He makes it extremely difficult not to love him.

Reading this couple together is hot, fun, and emotional. You can’t help wanting to reach through the pages and to give Owen a hug multiple times.  Seriously I need to hug this sexy man.

The next book, Treasure Me book #10, will focus on another band mate, Kellen. So to help readers who haven’t read Sole Regret yet, here is how the series works;

Books 1-5 are set up as “meet and sparks fly”
Books 6-10 are set up as “tons of crazy stuff happens”
Books 11-15 are set up as “oh, so that’s how the crazy stuff is resolved”

So buckle up and enjoy the ride.


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