So Many Things to Love About This Book

So Many Things to Love About This Book

Hollywood Honkytonk; Kings of California #2 (Series)
by Mia Hopkins (Author)

This review is from: December 10, 2016 By Kay Daniels (eBook Edition-Goodreads)

You will be transported directly into the heart of LA, Hollywood and everything Orange County has to offer when you jump into the wonderful world of Mia Hopkins. Mia’s talent to bring the world alive, to transport you so vividly to the surroundings her characters live in, you’ll feel as if you’ve experienced the wind whipping through your hair after driving along the coastline and tasted the salt upon your tongue after swimming in the ocean.

Mia’s descriptive writing isn’t the only reason why you should fall in love with her work. Her talent for writing characters that deal with everyday problems will melt your heart, most likely steam up your late night reading, and well, you just can’t help but root for them to fall in love.

Jack Lamont left Oleander ten years ago and set out to make it big in Hollywood. With hard work and a bit of luck, Jack’s fame was rising and he was the newest face walking the red carpets. However, he was done with partying and one night stands he wanted something more. He just wasn't sure what. Something was missing in his life and he couldn’t place it until that something literally tripped him and ran back into his life. He was never more thankful to a distracted dog than he was when it forced Riley back into his life.

Riley Rodriguez had the opportunity to leave Oleander with Jack ten years ago, but family obligations kept her from doing what her heart wanted. Now a decade had passed, yet it had felt more like a lifetime. Saddled with an ugly divorce, no career, no family, and no money she had nothing to offer a Hollywood hunk like Jack. Starting over was hard enough, but starting over when the Hollywood ragmags watch your every move was torture.

Jack and Riley were high school friends, never lovers. When they meet again after a decade of changes and experiences, they meet on an entirely different plane. They are still friends, but a new sexual tension exists that didn’t exist before. With paparazzi following their every move, is this really the life Riley is ready for? Can Jack be the man for Riley and be the leading man for everyone else? 

There are so many things to love about this book, but probably among my top favorite is how real the characters are. Jack may be a movie star, but he never once comes across as a pompous, entitled ass and Riley never looked at him or treated him like he was a movie star. When they were together they were just two people who had a basis of friendship that boiled and evolved into a blazing inferno of passion. That made this an exciting, page-turning read.

wp-1481255820123.png Jack is a blonde, blue-eyed, ripped hunkwp-1481255824718.png

For some reason my mind conjured up Efron. Watch the new Baywatch trailers to see a very ripped Efron (drool) and think of Jack, especially when you need a fix of book boyfriend.

Hollywood Honkytonk releases January 13, 2017 available in eBook or print wherever books are sold.

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