Three Part Series is a Must Read

Three Part Series is a Must Read


Jerk Bait, Slip Sinker, Catch and Release; A Sloane Spadowski 3 part Series
by Emigh Cannaday (Author)

This review is from: March 31, 2017 By Kay Daniels (ePub Edition-Goodreads)
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Now I would normally write a review for each individual book, which I did under my Goodreads and Amazon accounts and please go check those out, but I did hold out writing a review here until I finished the series. I hope you enjoy a synopsis of the entire series…

Sloane Spadowski is a girl who has never had a permanent…anything. Job, boyfriend, even a longstanding girlfriend that she can confide in. She avoids anything that would tie her down. We could relate that to many turning points in her life, but I am not her shrink and I’m not here to judge her. I did however, thoroughly enjoy Sloane’s story.

Jerk Bait begins with Sloane starting a new temporary job at Gozer Mutual. If you recognize the name Gozer, it is from the original movie, Ghostbusters, which Jerk Bait references numerous times. I actually love all the geeky references that Emigh slides in the book, but that isn’t the main reason why I love the book. Sloane tends to find a new “temporary” lover at every job she begins. For her it is a game, a way to pass the time while she rides out the temp job she takes. The man she sets her sights on actually ends up being her boss, which adds a new level to her game, but she feels up to the challenge. Jerk Bait is a quick read and Sloane is a very likable character, even though she makes horrible life choices, she knows it, which makes her endearing. She’s completely flawed and isn’t afraid to express it. Book one ends on a cliffhanger and trust me, you will want to jump right into book two.

Slip Sinker opens right where book one left off and then takes off at a run. Once I began it, I didn’t want to put it down. Sloane is introduced to her lovers best friend, Barbie, who happens to be a Greek God of a man and sweeter than molasses to beat. Barbie is a force to be reckoned with and Sloane falls fast for his charm. She tries not to given the fact that she’s technically dating her boss, but Barbie is quite the charmer. Barbie is a well known manwhore, which he makes no excuses for and still you can’t help like the guy. Emigh writes these perfectly flawed characters that you cannot help but root for, even when you know you shouldn’t. Book two ends on an even bigger cliffhanger than book one so be prepared to already want to read book three. I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on it and I sat and read it in an afternoon.

Catch and Release, the final book in three part series, picks right back up where book two left off. You are left torn wondering how Sloane will get herself out of the net she has thrown herself into and also rooting for everything to work out for everyone involved to whatever end that may be. The longer Sloane tangles herself in her net of lies and deceit the more you feel for everyone involved. Will she come clean with her boss or will Barbie finally steal her away? Honestly, until everything is out in the open did I finally breathe normal. Sloane finally had a chance to take a long hard look at herself and finally reevaluated how she’d been living her life.

The entire series is funny, a journey of self-discovery, and perhaps learning that life isn’t about what you want, but about what you need. I loved, loved, loved reading everything about Sloane Spadowski. From Emigh Cannaday I would love to see a followup in the future, perhaps a novella on Barbie, or his sisters.

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